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You can use the _ (underscore) wildcard character to match a single character for example:
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Once you have a wireless configuration key on your USB storage device, plug that device as a key into any wireless device that supports WSNK, where it is read, copied, and installed. Microsoft recommends that you start by configuring your access point first, and then proceed on to configuring your network computers. You ll know that this system has worked because the USB drive will flash its status light three times.
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Appendix B: Spring and Java EE
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An instance of a class uses a dictionary (named __dict__) to hold the attributes and values specific to that instance. Thus object.attribute is the same as object.__dict__[ attribute ]. Additionally, each object and class has a few other special members:
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but can result in acquired immunogenicity [4]. A discussion of the examples of products of drug degradation which are more toxic than the original (parent) drugs has been given by Guillory and Poust [7]. It has been reported that the concerns for the potential increase in the amount of toxic degradation products informed the reluctance of the regulatory agencies to approve the design of new drug products with stability overages [4]. Poor Bioavailability The bioavailability of a drug product is customarily de ned in terms of the amount of API delivered to the blood (plasma concentration) and the rate at which it is delivered. For routes of administration other than intravascular, the extent of absorption is very important in that all the drug administered may not have a chance to get to the plasma and then get carried to the biophase. One of the most important problems of drug absorption and oral bioavailability is when the drug is not delivered from the drug product over an appropriate time frame (in solution form) to the sites in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract where it is well absorbed (i.e., problem of getting the drug into solution). This problem can be caused by changes in the quality attributes of the drug product on storage (especially the dissolution rate), though the potency is still acceptable and no toxic degradation product has been formed. The changes in quality attribute can be traced to changes in the physicochemical properties of the excipients with aging. The result is ineffectiveness of the drug product on administration. Microbial Contamination The microbiological quality of all drug products is receiving a lot of attention in today s drug product design, unlike in the past, when the concern was for drug products that must remain sterile: parenteral and ophthalmic products. The control of total bioburden and the exclusion of pathogenic microbes are considered desirable [4]. For proper maintenance of the microbiological quality of drug products the quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing facility must be controlled and assured. Further, in assessing the suitability for use of the container closure system, protection is considered to be one of the most important considerations. Thus the container closure system is expected to protect the drug product from causes of degradation such as light, temperature, loss of solvent, oxygen, water vapor, and microbial contamination [8]. Package integrity must not be compromised from the manufacturer through the distribution channels and to the nal consumer: the patient. Changes in Physical Appearance of Drug Product Some of the physical changes may affect the ef cacy of the drug products, while in others the potency may not change with the physical change but may affect pharmaceutical elegance such that patient acceptability suffers. Loss of an emulsifying agent may lead to breaking of an emulsion (phase separation) and caking of a suspension will lead to failure in resuspending the suspension on shaking. These changes will affect dose uniformity in the prescribed dosage regimen. Mottling of tablets may not affect the potency of the drug product, but such tablets will not be acceptable to patients and may affect compliance with dosage regimen. Moreover drug excipient interactions may lead to changes in the physical appearance of the drug product as exempli ed by the interaction between lactose and the amino functional group in drug which often
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$myBook = array( title => The Grapes of Wrath , author => John Steinbeck , pubYear => 1939 ); $myBookSlice = array_slice( $myBook, 1, 2 ); // Displays Array ( [author] => John Steinbeck [pubYear] => 1939 ) ; print_r( $myBookSlice );
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} } function displayForm() { > <h1>Uploading a Photo</h1> <p>Please enter your name and choose a photo to upload, then click Send Photo.</p> <form action= photo_upload.php method= post enctype= multipart/ form-data > <div style= width: 30em; > <input type= hidden name= MAX_FILE_SIZE value= 50000 /> <label for= visitorName >Your name</label> <input type= text name= visitorName id= visitorName value= /> <label for= photo >Your photo</label> <input type= file name= photo id= photo value= /> <div style= clear: both; > <input type= submit name= sendPhoto value= Send Photo /> </div> </div> </form> < php } function displayThanks() { > <h1>Thank You</h1> <p>Thanks for uploading your photo< php if ( $_POST[ visitorName ] ) echo , . $_POST[ visitorName ] >!</p> <p>Here s your photo:</p> <p><img src= photos/< php echo $_FILES[ photo ][ name ] > alt= Photo /></p> < php } > </body> </html>
TABLE 4.1. SBS Threshold, M 2 Limit, and Power Limit for Different Fiber Core Diameters (Coherence Length 0.5 m) Core diameter (mm) 200 100 50 25 SBS threshold (kW) 27 6.8 1.7 0.4 M 2 limit (NA 0.22) 64 32 16 8 Power Limit (kW) (Imax 500 MW/cm2) 160 40 10 2.5
Frequency (MHz)
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Figure 9.1 Position of 9 in the organization of this book. Color codes are used to highlight components and work ow in chapters of Part II.
The Python/C API contains functions to perform all possible operations on Python objects. The functions used to manipulate objects are organized hierarchically according to object type, and it has two main layers: abstract and concrete.
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