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In these three downtime experiences, St. John s did not lose any image data. In addition there was no damage to the mirrored database disk system. In fact, with all the downtime procedures implemented, the end users only experienced the inconvenience of not having the query/retrieve functionality or previous exams for comparison studies. The well-trained service PACS team at St. John s was a major reason why these downtime incidents had not cascaded to a major operation catastrophe.
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Repeaters or extenders These are used in conjunction with short wavelength (SWL) gigabit interface converters (GBICs). Link extenders are small external devices cabled to the switches. Extenders convert the shortwave signals on multimode fiber cable to longwave signals that can be transmitted over single-mode fiber cable. Extenders also boost the power on the laser. At the remote end, another device converts the signals to shortwave laser on multimode cable. Some vendors have successfully tested link extenders for connecting devices up to 120 kilometers. Dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) DWDMs are used to connect SANs. They have high bandwidth and low latency but are expensive. The maximum distance is 80 to 120 kilometers. Some vendors allow serial connection between DWDMs to increase the distance, as illustrated in Figures 23-5 and 23-6.
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Working with the DesignCenter Accessing drawing content with the Tool Palettes window Setting standards for drawings Organizing your drawings Working with sheet sets Maintaining security Keeping track of referenced files Handling errors and crashes Managing drawings from prior releases
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Atmeh, R.F., Massad, T.T., Kana an, B.M. and Abu-Alrob, A.A. (2008) Separation of biomacromolecules by electro ltration through gel layers. Analytical Biochemistry, 373, 307 12. A good example of electroelution. Dunn, M. J. (1996) Electroelution of proteins from polyacrylamide gels, in Protein Puri cation Protocols (ed. S. Doonan), Humana Press, Totowa, NJ, USA, pp. 357 62. A detailed method for electroelution of proteins. LeGendre, N. and Matsudaira, P.T. (1989) Puri cation of proteins and peptides by SDS-PAGE, in A Practical Guide to Protein and Peptide Puri cation For Microsequencing (ed. P.T. Matsudaira), Academic Press, San Diego, pp. 52 72. Description of electroblotting and electroelution of proteins from SDS PAGE gels.
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our laboratory in the ASTM E2058 apparatus in normal air without the external heat ux for a liquid-fuel-soaked wick inside a 100-mm diameter and 25-mm deep Pyrex glass dish. Examples of the release rates of heat and products measured in the ASTM E2058 Fire Propagation Apparatus and the ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter, taken from Refs. [19, 41 44] are listed in Tables 11.9 and 11.10. Table 11.9 lists release rates of products and heat for polymers from parts of a minivan measured in ASTM E2058 Apparatus in normal air and 50 kW/m2 of external heat ux, where data are taken from Ref. [41]. Table 11.10 lists heat release rates measured in ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter for various polymers at three external heat ux values, where data are taken from Refs. [42 44]. The HRP ( Hch / Hg ) values are also listed in Table 11.10, which are obtained from the slopes of the lines representing the relationship between Qch and qe [Eq. (11.8)].
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Understanding configuration files
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As you know from reading 5, searching strings is only half the story. Often you need to replace a portion of a string with new text. Simple search-and-replace functions like str_replace() are useful for replacing literal strings. However, if you need to replace more complex patterns of text, you can use PHP s regular expression string replacement functions, preg_replace() and preg_replace_callback(). You explore these two functions in the following sections.
7. To add another choice click New, and then replace the default text that comes into the Label and Value fields. (The defaults are the words label and value.) To remove any choice, select the choice in the list and then click the Delete button. By default the first choice in the list appears in the Pop-up. However, you can set any other choice as the preselection. For example, if you have an alphabetical list of many countries, you may want one particular country to appear as the default. To preselect a choice, double-click the box to the left of the label. A checkmark then appears under the checkmark column in the choice list. (Alternately, you can check the box to the left of the entry boxes when you enter the label and value for any choice.)
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; Limits the number of records in each batch. ;mssql.batchsize = 0
IP: Carrier The instrument panel carrier has typically been steel, but the trend has been toward using lighter weight metals and plastics. The 1997 GM APV minivan used an SMA polymer instead of steel for the support element with a mass savings of over 1.6 kg (3.5 lb).
The view you see in both of these tabs is really just another view of the pages that are in your files tab. When you click a page here, the Inspector becomes the File Inspector, just like when you select a page in the Files tab. When you double-click a page here it opens, too. Renaming a page here renames it just like in the Files tab as well.
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