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Source CD Audio DVD-Video DVD-Audio Playable in Media Center Yes Yes* No How to Play Media Center. Third-party DVD decoder software required; usually included with DVD-ROM drive. Creative MediaSource DVD-Audio Player (bundled with high-end Creative Sound Cards that are DVD-Audio capable). Not playable on any computer systems; requires special hardware. Media Center. FM tuner required (built into some TV tuner cards). TimeTrax ( Media Center. Incompatible stations may be playable with Quicktime ( Media Center. Media Center. Used by iTunes and iPod. Can be made playable by installing Quicktime Alternative ( com). Media Center. Both are file formats that contain basic PCM audio. Install OggDS DirectShow filter ( to make Ogg files playable in Media Center.
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is created in the same way by default. Second, the real issue for developers is learning how to use XSLT in the best way XSLT has some of the facets of procedural programming, such as loops and conditional processing. However, it is much more closely akin to HTML than it is to a procedural language. If you try to use it like a procedural language, then you are likely to get into trouble. Your code will be messy and difficult to maintain. Though a little spaghetti code is a fact of life on development projects, it s especially defeating in the case of XSLT. A primary purpose of XSLT is to make it easy to separate application development from front-end design. However, if messy code is interjected into frontend markup, then that purpose has been subverted. As you learn XSLT, it s important to keep the readability and reuse goals in mind. XSLT isn t a particularly modular language, but with the right approach you can reuse code. Most important, however, you should work with your teammates to ensure that the XSLT is maintainable. In practice, this often means looking beyond the first tools that you would use as a procedural programmer, such as iteration, variables, and conditional processing. The most powerful tool in the XSLT arsenal is XPath, the language for locating nodes in an XML tree. You ll find that you can accomplish a lot with this simple language in a situation in which you would normally require a lot of loops and if statements. A good rule of thumb is to try to separate the interface problems so that you use loops as little as possible. This will force you to use templates and to make better use of XPath. In the end, you ll have more modular stylesheets that are more usable by the rest of your team.
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>>> >>> >>> >>> [1, >>> >>> >>> 6 >>> >>> 6 a = [1,2,3,4] b = a a[2] = 5 b 2, 5, 4] a = 6 b = a # Reference the same object for now. b a = a + 1 # Python creates a new object to hold (a+1) b # so b still references the original object.
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Part II Creating PDF Documents
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Working with the User Coordinate System (UCS) is essential in 3D work. If you aren t familiar with the User Coordinate System, review the discussion in 8.
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Select objects: Select the 3D face. Select objects: Specify base point or [Displacement] Specify second point of displacement displacement>: @0,0,1.5' Specify second point of displacement displacement>: @0,0,3' Specify second point of displacement displacement>:
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R = Rs OH
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DAO Unifying Data Access
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Angle ( ) bending
Nanofabrication of plasmonic architectures: structures and devices
Figure 6-8 The basic Ethernet frame format
Cell padding adds a space between the cell s contents and the inside edges of the cell, as depicted in Figure 13-15. Padding is set on a table-wide basis, so the padding for one cell is the same as for the rest.
When the Define Articles dialog box is opened, you won t find any items listed. The settings available in the dialog box include: List: (Lower center of dialog box) Clicking the List button will recognize the Stories in the publication. From within the publication you may create many article threads from different contiguous text blocks. New: Selecting the New button will prompt you with another dialog box designed to establish the article definition. Edit: When an article has been defined, you select it in the list, click Edit, and the dialog box where the article was originally defined will reappear. In this dialog box, you can make changes to the defined article. Remove: Selecting a defined article in the list and clicking the Remove button will eliminate the article thread. When the PDF file is created, only the defined articles existing in the list box will appear in the Acrobat viewer. Properties: When article properties have been created, clicking this button will display the Article Properties dialog box. One per story over [nn] text block(s): PageMaker Stories can have many different text blocks. If you have one or two-line text blocks, you may want to eliminate them from your list. You can limit the number of text blocks in a story by supplying a value in this field. For example, entering the value 5 in this field results in only a list of stories that contain six or more text blocks. Clicking the New button in the Define Articles dialog box opens the PageMaker Stories dialog box, shown in Figure 6-54.
Creating a Stylish Page
You may want to see only part of an xref. This option is especially important when you re using very large xref drawings. The XCLIP command enables you to create a border in an xref, and hides any part of the xref outside the border.
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