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Figure 3.17. Measured pulse energies for three SBS materials as a function of the re ectivity Rstart of Mstart.
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Part III
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This formula tells us some interesting information on the attitude of a circuit to be locked and on the locking range. First of all, the locking range is proportional to the amplitude of the injected signal, as intuition suggests. Then, it is apparent that the denominator of eq. (8.36) is the same as in eq. (5.69). This term is related to the stability of the free-running oscillator: the larger the amplitude of this term the more stable the free-running oscillator; also, the narrower is its locking range, as intuition suggests as well.
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you look at a node s le system, you can usually tell which processes are daemons. Most of these are identi ed with a d at the end of the name of the process. For instance, the http daemon is labeled httpd.
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16 Speaking Internet Protocols
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10: Common Design Pitfalls
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The menu choices to copy protect music are shown in Figure 12-15, and they change the settings in Windows Media Player as described above. If the CD requires a license for copying, you will need to choose to copy protect the le. This limits the playing of the les to your computer. Because most CDs will not require a license to be copied onto your computer, you can choose to not copy protect the CD, as shown in Figure 12-15.
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(6.101) (6.102)
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Option World Object Meaning Specifies the default UCS, with the X axis horizontal, the Y axis vertical, and the origin at the initial 0,0 location. Enables you to align the UCS with an object. In general, this option uses the most obvious object snap as the origin and aligns the X axis with the object. For example, when you choose a line, the endpoint nearest your pick point becomes the origin and the X axis aligns with the angle of the line. When you choose a circle, the X axis points toward the point that you pick on the circumference. Aligns the UCS with the face of a 3D solid. Continued
Figure 7.24 Actual cell throughput CDF [18].
PDAs and Wireless Networking
Figure 10-5: Create a string value named Level1Remove and then edit its contents to build a list of file extensions to mark for special handling, separated by semicolons.
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