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Recycling with GoLive
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Project risk management guidelines
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As with everything else network-related, Windows XP can handle all the details if you wish. Support for wireless networking is built directly into the operating system, which is obviously a help when it comes to establishing WLANs. If all your PCs operate under Windows XP, by all means start with this option and see if your ad hoc network pops up on its own, fully functional and ready to roll. To do so, simply install the WLAN adapters and turn on your PCs. Windows automatically creates a network called default that all adapters can locate and connect to. However, Windows XP is also security-conscious, and by default it does not automatically connect to networks on which WEP or WPA encryption is disabled. You can see the wireless networks that you can connect to by rightclicking the wireless network icon in the icon tray or in the Network Connections folder and selecting View Available Wireless Networks from the context menu. Figure 3-4 shows the Wireless Network Connection dialog box from Windows XP with the Connect button grayed out. To make this button available for use (and thus connect to the network), click the checkbox labeled Allow me to connect to the selected wireless network, even though it is not secure.
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Wireless Keyboards and Mice
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1. Open Notepad and type the following script:
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Axial Ratio (dB)
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3 Choosing a Suitable Case and Power Supply
Figure 5.34 Blackman-Harris Fourier transforms in decibels. [Source: Meikle, H.D., Modern Radar Systems, Artech House, Norwood, Massachusetts, 2001.]
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There are a number of simple guidelines to consider when selling via the Internet. The first is t o understand that adopting an Internet sales approach often affects the entire business. Clearly there is an impact on the sales function, but distribution and marketing will also need to review how they can turn the Internet t o their advantage, innovating in areas ranging from product presentation, packaging and pricing to special offers and promotions. Beyond this, order processing and fulfilment will need t o adapt or change entirely, and service policies will have t o change. These are just some of the most frequent changes affecting sales activities; there are many other functions that will need to alter the way in which they work, and this level of cross-functional change requires strong coordination, leadership and commitment froin senior managers. For the senior manager, the task is clear: dynamic and empowering leadership js the style that most often succeeds. However, whether you are the senior manager with overall charge, o r a manager preparing a case for other senior colleagues, there are several fundamental issues to remember.
vations need not be equidistant. The parameters are the amplitude el, the decay constant 62, and the frequency 03. They have been chosen as O1 = 1, U2 = 2, and 63 = 1. The reference least squares criterion is described by
both the sender and receiver agree on a key before they can exchange a message securely. Although the computational speed of performing private key cryptograph is acceptable, it is dif cult for key management. Public key cryptography (asymmetric cryptography) uses two different keys (a public key and a private key) for encryption and decryption. The keys in a key pair are mathematically related, but it is computationally infeasible to deduce the private key from the public key. Therefore, in public key cryptography, the public key can be made public. Anyone can use the public key to encrypt a message, but only the owner of the corresponding private key can decrypt it. Public key methods are more convenient to use because they do not share the key management problem inherent in private key methods. However, public keep require longer times for encryption and decryption. In real-world implementation, public key encryption is rarely used to encrypt actual messages. Instead, it is used to distribute symmetric keys to encrypt and decrypt actual messages.
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