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To unload a partial customization file, use one of these methods: Use the CUIUNLOAD command. Follow the instructions for unloading a main CUI file described in the previous section. In the Customize User Interface dialog box, right-click the file and choose Unload CUI File.
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Figure 2.16. Coupling of af nity ligands. Attachment of NH2 groups to(i) CNBr-activated resin, (ii) epoxy-activated resin, (iii) dichlorotriazine-activated resin, (iv) tresyl-activated resin, (v) 6-aminohexanoic-acid-agarose (CH-agarose). Attachment of OH groups to (vi) carbonyldiimidazole-activated resin. Attachment of SH groups to (vii) thiopropyl-agarose. Attachment of COOH groups to (viii) 1,6-diaminohexane-agarose (AH-agarose). Couplings (v) and (viii) are carried out with dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCI) which promotes amide bond formation between COOH and NH2 groups. (Continued)
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Minimal model with glucose ingestion
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If you have many layers in a drawing, sorting can help you find the layers on which you need to work. You can sort the layer listing in a drawing by any column, by clicking once on the column title. Click again to see the list in reverse order. Long layer names display a tooltip with the entire layer name.
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RF Noise and Excitation of Oscillations
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When you finish slogging your way through the Page Setup and Print Options dialog boxes, you can initiate the printing process by clicking the Print button in the Print Options dialog box or choosing File Print (Ctrl+P). The Print dialog box appears, shown in its RGB and CMYK forms in Figure 18-11.
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Figure 5-11: Norton Personal Firewall statistics summarize log information for easy perusal.
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14: Erasing Files and Hard Drives Securely
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Objective Compensation slide Reference mirror Fiber Transmissive media Sample (a) Beam splitter Illuminator
For example, the command
Focus on improving and speeding up product delivery times An example of this is the efforts made by online retailers to ensure speedy deliveries, going so far as to give firm
22 Creating Your Own JavaScripts
36 Exploring Advanced AutoLISP Topics
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