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Figure 17.5. Mass of typical fenders (based on General Motors benchmarking disassembly data).
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In particular, algorithms for estimation of the direction of arrival' (DoA) of signals have been predominantly applied to ULAs due to the Vandermonde structure of this type of array. A Vandermonde structure refers to progressive linear phase shift of the signals across certain array structures such as the ULA. This lends itself to concise mathematical derivation. The UCA has comparably larger sidelobes than a ULA with an equivalent number of antenna elements [35]. Unlike the ULA, however, the angular resolution of the UCA is reasonably well maintained over the full 360" of operation, whereas the usable beamsteering capability of a ULA is typically 120". To reduce the higher sidelobe powers within the UCA beam-patternl spatial windowing [92] with an appropriate length spatial filter can be applied to the azimuth response (see chapter 2). Using this technique, spatial windowing can provide narrower beams and lower sidelobe designs for the UCA. Examples of the types of spatial windows that can be applied include binomial, Dolph-Chebyshev and Taylor-Kaiser 1921. The Dolph-Chebyshev window provides the optimum solution. It maintains all sidelobe powers at an equal level, and for a given sidelobe power, it produces the narrowest beam width (see chapter 2). An adaptive antenna employing a UCA can outperform ULAs at rejecting unwanted signals when an equivalent number of antenna elements are used for omni-steerable capability [93, 941. Reference [93] compares a twelve-element UCA and three four-element ULAs arranged in a triangle to provide 360" operation. The UCA outperforms the ULA array a t rejecting unwanted signals; this is due to the twelve-element UCA having more degrees of freedom than the three separate ULAs. Conceptually, if interference is within one of the ULA 120" sectors, the benefit of more degrees of freedom produced by the UCA can be brought to bear
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11: Working with Files and Directories
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Figure 14.22. Schematic showing the operating principles for a triboelectric separator [42].
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Phone line modem Internet INTERNET 2 Connectivity
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create_rectangle (x1,y2,x2,y2) create_text(x,y,text= [,font= ])
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Cleaning up scanned halftones
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12.3.4 Why Hierarchical
Details of Responsible Factors LDPE, LLDPE, EVA copolymer Chromophores present, catalyst residues UV radiation, temperature, moisture, pollutants, temperature cycling, wind Thickness HALS, UV absorbers, antioxidants Ni quenchers Support, frame metal, protection of contact surfaces, design, lm tightness Insecticides, pesticides (sulfur containing, chloride based)
which is from the Lagrange interpolation formula [recall (6.9) for n = 1]. It must be the case that for suitable error function e(x), we have f (x) = p(x) + e(x) with x [a, b]. Consequently
A stylesheet is an XML document; thus it requires a root element. The XSLT specification says that the root element should be either xsl:stylesheet or its synonym, xsl:transform. In practice, the Oracle XSLT processor will accept any element as the root element as long as the attributes required of the xsl:stylesheet element are attributes of the root. This section looks at the syntax of the root element and provides examples.
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