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Listing 5-2 uses for-loops to convert strings to a list of hexadecimal values, and back again. The encoded strings look somewhat similar to the decoder rings popular on old children s radio programs.
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The spread of childhood obesity has also led to gloomy predictions concerning the risks for comorbidities and life expectancy for today s children. In the USA alone, recently revised estimates from the Centres for Disease Control forecast a threefold increase in type 2 diabetes between 2005 and 2050, from 16.2 million to 48.3 million 9.3 million more cases than previously estimated (Venkat Narayan et al., 2006). It is inevitable that major health burdens associated with childhood obesity will fall on countries that will nd it dif cult to bear the associated healthcare and social costs. Controversy has surrounded predictions of premature mortality. For example, one study in the USA suggested that nearly 112 000 of current deaths could be attributed to obesity, but that none were associated with being overweight; this study did not attempt to estimate the prevailing level of morbidity (Flegal et al., 2005). Nonetheless, these uncertainties have not deterred forecasters from warning of the potential for obesity to curtail life expectancy. A group of eminent US researchers has stated The indirect costs incurred by death, lost productivity and related loss of income may be substantially greater than direct costs, but are often neglected as are the societal costs associated with obesity. These invisible costs are now beginning to be documented and are attracting attention in the media. Wide-ranging adjustments to the infrastructure of many countries have been required to cope with the reality of most of the population being overweight. Within the health system, additional costs may result from the need for stronger beds, operating tables and wheel chairs, and even for double crews in reinforced ambulances to cope with lifting heavier patients. The impact of obesity is ultimately re ected in the growing requirements for bigger cof ns and larger-capacity crematorium equipment to accommodate obese cadavers. Elsewhere, the progressive increase in mean population weights has necessitated ergonomic alterations for larger people, such as enlargement of turnstiles and seats in sports-grounds. Obesity
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Figure 11-11: Exporting your certificate, including your private key.
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Figure 13.10 IHE patient reconciliation work ow pro le used as an example for the HIS-RIS-PACS interface (Carr, 2003). Yellow boxes and green arrows: trauma patient exam without ID; blue boxes and orange arrows: start at step 8, use the IHE work ow pro le to reconcile trauma patient ID and demographic data when they become available.
So a complete browser request (assuming there s no request body) might look like this:
String manipulation methods
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