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. Logical channel ID of the highest priority channel with data in its bu er. . UE bu er occupancy: that is, the status of the highest priority logical channel with data in its bu er, as a fraction of the total reported bu er and total bu er status (in bytes). . UE power headroom (UPH): that is, the ratio of the maximum UE transmission power and the corresponding DPCCH code power.
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Table 7-1 Base Overloading Methods
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1 Aad value - possibly as a test or to give the customer a reason for returning to the site - so that there is a rationale as far as the customer is concerned for fluctuating prices. 2 Understand the price elasticity of the market: for instance, in the fastmoving environment of lnternet pricing, will a price rise that is intended to be temporary lead to a general decline in popularity of the site from which the business will struggle to recover 3 Bear in mind the competitive situation of the market and if possible develop a flexible pricing strategy based around product development and improvement.
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The key function is used in conjunction with an xsl:key element to look up values according to the algorithm that the key element describes and using the second parameter as input.
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Part V Color for Print and the Web
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FIGURE 2.26 Measured E-plane (x z plane) and H-plane (y z plane) radiation patterns for the compact antenna studied in Figure 2.25. (a) Antenna 2 at 1920 MHz, (b) antenna 3 at 1615 MHz. (From Ref. 12, C 2001 IEEE, reprinted with permission.)
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Figure 3.48. Physical basis of NMR. A spinning nucleus generates a magnetic eld with a spin moment, , which generates an angular momentum, j. When placed in an external magnetic eld (B0 ), the nucleus can align (a) with or (b) against the eld. The difference in energy between these orientations is E which corresponds to frequencies in the radiowave part of the spectrum.
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