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10 Putting Images on Your Pages
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Substituting this expression for a in the second equation yields
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From an electrical point of view, the linearised perturbation can be seen as a small deviation from the bias point (iLS , vLS ) along the nonlinear I /V characteristic of the resistor (Figure 1.39). If the perturbation is small enough, the I /V curve can be replaced by its tangent in the bias point v = vLS , whose slope is the dynamic conductance. The small perturbation current is therefore expressed as the perturbation voltage times the dynamic conductance: dig (v) ig,ss (t) = dv vss (t) = gss (v)|v=vLS (t) vss (t) = gss (t) vss (t)
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You never know if the customer knows more than he s admitting and he may have very good reasons for suggesting that kind of database. Even if he s wrong, the reasons he gives will tell you more about the situation and may lead to other important insights.
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A schematic diagram of the experimental facility is shown in Figure 15.11. The laboratory-scale thermal destruction facility (TDF) consists of a destruction chamber, controls, and instrumentation for TDF, EPA method 23 sampling train, continuous gas monitoring system for gas analysis, scanning electron microscope (SEM) for y ash metal analysis, and neutron activation method (NAM) for bottom ash analysis. The chamber is 12 12 18 inches in size. A natural gas burner is used for startup and auxiliary burning. Inside the chamber was lined with a 2-inch-thick insulating refractory cement, type ASTM C449, to minimize
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(3) DICOM Image
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Other contaminants that can originate from plastic containers are the additives necessary to turn the raw polymer into adequate containers. While PE may be used without any additive, the other plastics are virtually useless alone but are converted into highly serviceable products by combining them with other substances or materials. The additives most commonly found in plastics used for pharmaceutical products are antioxidants, heat stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers, llers, and colorants. These additives can be in liquid, solid, or ne particle forms and are used in amounts varying from less than 1% to more than 50% of the plastic mass. The additives necessary for each of the selected types of polymers are described in Table 23. Additives authorized for use in plastics for pharmaceuticals, along with their limits in the polymer mass (according to BP and Ph. Eur.), are summarized in Table 24. Since additives, together with the polymers, provide a large variety of substances, and the leachability of such components cannot be predicted a priori,
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Pharmaceutical manufacturing system design methods and tools with examples Process modeling for designing and running pharmaceutical manufacturing systems Requirements analysis modeling for pharmaceutical manufacturing systems Risk analysis modeling for pharmaceutical manufacturing systems Dynamic modeling and network simulation for globally distributed pharmaceutical manufacturing systems and other methods and tools
Following is an example of the use of @AfterReturning advice:
clarity and focus. T h e Internet is frequently regarded as a mass medium, but it is also much more a one-to-one medium, particularly when meeting customer needs. .Yi/722plicit_y. To be effective, KEY CONCEPT market segmentation needs t o be clear, rational It is worth considering that as a communications medium in one vital and simple. Specific prorespect the lnternet is much more ducts, offers and benefits like radio than television Although it need to be clearly comhas global reach, the lnternet also has the one-to-one intimacy of radio municated to each indivias well as the mass appeal of dual customer. This can broadcast TV. and this benefit of be achieved using specific
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