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candidate for all-solid-state dynamic wavefront correction of MOPA laser sources that will be presented in the next section. 8.4 DYNAMIC WAVEFRONT CORRECTION OF MOPA LASER SOURCES BaTiO3:Rh allows the phase conjugation of nanosecond pulses at 1.06 mm with high re ectivity and delity along with a re ectivity rise time that is compatible with laser manufacturer requirements. Moreover, a packaged ready-to-use ring phase conjugate mirror has been developed, showing that the application of this technique to dynamic wavefront correction of Nd:YAG lasers is realistic. We will now describe the origin of aberrations present in Nd:YAG ampli er rods and present MOPA architectures including a self-pumped phase conjugate mirror with photorefractive BaTiO3:Rh. Experimental descriptions and performances will be given. The results obtained with a photorefractive phase conjugator will be compared to the performances of other existing techniques. 8.4.1 Origin of aberrations in Nd:YAG ampli er rods
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We can now address the question of whether or not a particle initially near to the ideal particle in energy and phase remains so as it proceeds through the accelerator. We will illustrate the principle for the case of a circular accelerator. For a linear accelerator, the argument is nearly identical; only a few words need be changed. The natural first step is to apply the difference equations to a variety of initial conditions. Figure 2.15 shows the result of a
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Reproduced by permission of # IEEE 2004.
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ETSI has put a lot of e ort into explaining QoS metrics from the end-user point of view (QoE) in [2]. All de ned quality of service parameters and their computations are based on eld measurements. That indicates that the measurements were made from the customer point of view (full end-to-end perspective, taking into account the needs of testing). By no means is it a complete speci cation, but it still contains enough information on this subject to warrant reading. The QoE metrics identi ed and grouped in the speci cations are in line with the description made at the beginning of this section. Figure 9.3 illustrates this.
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2. Finally, slide the drive out to the front of the computer (or follow the instructions in the computer owner s manual if that is not possible). Set the drive aside. The steps for installing a replacement drive or adding a second drive are the same: 1. Slide the new drive into the drive bay and position it without attaching the screws. Gently insert the IDE cable until it is in place and snug. Then inset the power cable until it is locked in place. 2. After you are sure both cables are secure, position the screw holes in the side of the drive with the screw hold openings in the drive bay and secure the drive in place with the screws. Before reassembling your computer case, reattach the power cord to your PC and start it up. You will want to perform a few simple tests to make sure the drive works properly. The rst test is to press the Eject button on the front of the drive. The drive should slide open and that will tell you that your power connection is working. Next, pop in a CD audio or data. Using the My Computer control panel, look to see if the drive shows up in the list of drives. If it is there, either open the disc you inserted to make sure it reads the les on it or play the audio CD. If everything is working properly you can then replace the cover and begin using your drive. Installing a second optical drive follows the same procedure as above. In this case you will attach the second connector on the IDE cable to the second drive, and attach an available power cable. Follow the same process for testing the drive before you close your computer case. Figure 7-9 shows the back of two optical drives installed in the drive cage of a Media Center PC.
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oxidized and is useful in the reduction of other ketones or aldehydes. Reaction R5, a 1,2 migration of hydride, may be regarded as a special case of this class of reaction, although we will see it again in connection with the Wagner Meerwein rearrangement as a thermally allowed [1, 2] sigmatropic rearrangement in connection with our discussion of pericyclic reactions ( 12). Hydride Bridges Hydride bridge bonding is common in boron compounds, the simplest example of which is B2 H6 , and in transition metal complexes. We restrict our discussion here to instances where hydride bridging occurs between carbon atoms. The MOs of a hydride bridged carbocation are shown in Figure 10.8b. These are entirely analogous to the MOs previously shown for two-electron three-center bonding (middle of Figure 10.7), except that the nonbonding orbital is higher in energy and unoccupied. One of the isomers of protonated ethane, C2 H7 1, has precisely the bonding shown in Figure 10.5b:
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Look for documentation about user roles and responsibilities, existing procedures, and existing data. Watch customers at work and study their current operations directly. Brainstorm and categorize the results into priority 1, 2, and 3 items. Verify your understanding of the customers needs. Write a requirements document with veri able deliverables including use cases.
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CrossReference You can lay out various views of your drawing on an imaginary piece of paper, called a paper space layout, to prepare it for plotting. You can scale and annotate on a paper space layout to automatically adjust the size of these components to the scale of the drawing. (See 17 for more on layouts and plotting.)
managed by dividing it into manageable subprocesses. This allows for ef cient management and execution of the subprocesses, and the metrics reported for those subprocesses are meaningful and speci c. See Figure 6, which illustrates one potential organization of the validation subprocesses. Subprocesses contained within the validation system could be cleaning, computers, automation, analytical, packaging, process, transport validation, etc. Manufacturing is another example of a large, complex process that may best be subdivided to support better management and more meaningful metrics to management. By dividing a larger process into manageable and speci c subprocesses, management can assign appropriate subject matter expertise to lead and manage each subprocess. The metrics measuring subprocess performance can be uniquely reviewed, evaluated, and compared to similar subprocess metrics at other sites or companies. Valuable, meaningful comparisons can be obtained for process and subprocess performance that would otherwise be blinded or diluted, if they were summarized within the higher level process metrics. An additional advantage of establishing subprocesses is that it affords the opportunity for rapid assimilation and transfer of the subprocess at various sites within the enterprise. An example of this is the comparison of a bulk manufacturing facility with that of a distribution center. Both will need to implement aspects of the subprocess transport validation, however, the distribution center will not need to implement other subprocesses such as process or packaging validation. As the subprocess transport validation is designed and implemented at one site, that infrastructure and knowledge transfer to the other site is rapid, avoiding duplication of efforts. Sharing of information and expectations of the two sites becomes a common goal and format. Management can, therefore, compare transport validation needs and maturity levels between sites equally. Once all the processes and subprocesses supporting an operation have been de ned, another gap analysis may be conducted to ensure that there are no assumptions, and all required processes and subprocesses required to support the business are included in the scope of the QMS. This can easily be accomplished by listing all the business drivers for an operation and comparing that against the processes Bridges
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you could use any number of individual element selectors to create a contextual selector. However, it s not a good idea to use more than two selectors to create a contextual selector, as Netscape has problems with longer combinations. Instead, create a class and apply your style to that class.
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