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$authors = array( Steinbeck , Kafka , Tolkien , Dickens ); $pos = 2; echo $authors[$pos + 1]; // Displays Dickens
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Example 3 An example OFDM system with N = 32 carriers and P = 20 data streams is considered. The carrier offset is estimated using virtual carrier based algorithm described in the previous section. The true frequency offset 4 = 3.67Aw, where Aw = is the channel spacing. The estimation results using 4 symbol blocks of noise-free data are shown in Fig. 3.1 and Fig. 3.2 I n particular Fig. 3.1 shows the null spectrum and Fig. 3.2 displays the root distribution of P ( z ) .
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Grid Size Mass Flow, kg/s 5.362 5.364 5.321
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Color Appearance Models Second Edition M. D. Fairchild 2005 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd ISBN: 0-470-01216-1 (HB)
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(a) 6.5 MeV 1.728 MeV for positron; 0.249 MeV for electron 37.7 rad/h for betas plus conversion electrons in 0.2 cm tissue (a) 12 keV (a) 0.463 R/h Ci at 1 m; (b) 1.7 rad/h in tissue at 50 cm (a) f = 2.62 b/cm2 s; (b) fb,E = 183 MeV/cm2 s; (c) Db,Sh = 97 mrad/h (a) 1.77 rad/h; (b) 0.996 rad/h
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Figure 26.21 Example of using the carpal bones region alone to determine the bone age. Steps 1 to 7 describe the total procedure. Capitate (Cap) and Hamate (Ham), are the two bones provided suf cient information to assess the bone age; each with three features: one size (x1), and two shape, eccentricity (x2) and triangularity (x3). In this case, the bone age, BA2 is 2.75 years.
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Figure A-26: You can create whole libraries of embossing effects by experimenting with different combinations of positive and negative values.
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already have some ideas about what kinds of changes are likely to occur. They already know they should be on the lookout for new files and registry keys, and should also be especially interested in various alterations to program or system defaults, settings, and startup behaviors. Finally, the professionals ultimately don t care what happens to their test machines. They can calmly watch them be destroyed, if that s the outcome from deliberate infection or infestation; they can create new, readyto-run installations on those machines in a relatively short time. Users whose desktops or servers are dying in front of them often have trouble summoning up that kind of equanimity and poise!
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PS service performance in UMTS
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you don t include a value attribute, the text between the <option> ... </option> tags is sent instead:
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