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16 Speaking Internet Protocols
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Part IV Layers, Objects, and Text
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Your brain provides many different ways you can access the same information about restaurants. You can search the same base of information based on a variety of keys (location, quality of dessert, expense, and so forth). To answer these questions with an envelope of business cards (or restaurant matchbooks), a notebook, or a ling cabinet would require a long and grueling search. Still your brain has some drawbacks, at least as a database. Most notably it forgets. You may be able to remember an incredible number of things but some of them become less reliable or disappear completely over time. Do you remember the names of all of your elementary school teachers I don t. (I don t remember my own teachers names, much less yours!) Your brain also gets tired and when it is tired it is less accurate.
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The second option sounds the most like what I do. I try to write clean HTML, and
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Public health preventative strategies will be tested by obesity and its comorbidities especially as the accelerating global spread of the disease could be taken to indicate that current measures are failing. There are some grounds for optimism. Awareness is growing of the hazards of obesity, especially in children (Ebbeling, Pawlak and Ludwig, 2002), and the WHO has given its authority to simple and achievable recommendations that can be applied in many countries. Moreover, evidence is accumulating that relatively small changes in diet and physical activity can achieve and sustain health bene ts for some years. Whether such small changes are achievable in the context of strongly obesogenic environments is open to question. Ultimately, as the WHO recommendations imply, the success of obesity prevention strategies will depend critically on the support and commitment of policy-makers at governmental and international level. Public policy decisions are based on numerous factors, including economic and political considerations, and may not necessarily be swayed by even a powerful medical and scienti c evidence base.
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Figure 6-79: The Structure dialog box determines the structure to be exported in the PDF from FrameMaker.
where A B represents all those fieIds not taken into account in setting up the design orbit. Therefore, in coordinates [,4, the full collection of mathematical methods for treating driven harmonic oscillations becomes available, and the notion of a resonance between some harmonic amplitude of the right hand driving term and the tune v is just the same as in the case of a simple oscillator. 4.1.2
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