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1. Your drawing should still be on your screen. Choose File Close. You now see a gray screen with no drawing. (Repeat this process if you have other drawings open. Save or cancel the changes to these extra open drawings as you like.) 2. Click the Close button in the upper-right corner to exit AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. The program closes immediately.
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You can create two kinds of context-sensitive menus: object menus and command menus. The context-sensitive menus work only for full menus.
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If your PSU has any of the output that falls outside of these values, you will need to get it replaced before using it. As a rule, power supply units are quite well behaved, but some (especially cheaper ones) might not be constructed to a high enough standard.
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As you saw earlier in this chapter, browser hijackers and redirectors are malware that alters the computer s browser settings to redirect it to its own websites. This section looks at a few representative examples of malware that redirects users for its own gain. Here are some examples of browser hijackers currently running around loose:
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If the node is a character data node, again, the function displays the character data provided it doesn t just contain whitespace. The data is stored in the DOMCharacterData object s data property. Also, because character data nodes can contain markup characters such as < and > , the function calls htmlspecialchars() to encode any markup characters as required:
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FIGURE 5.32. Reversal of a wavefront.
The Link Select dialog box contains its own version of the Query Editor so that you can build queries without leaving the dialog box. To use Link Select, follow these steps: 1. Choose dbConnect Links Link Select, to open the Link Select dialog box, shown in Figure 20-23. 2. At the top-center of the dialog box, choose either Use Query or Select in Drawing. If you choose Use Query, use the Query tabs to specify a query. If you choose Select in Drawing, click Select (the Execute button changes to the Select button) to return to your drawing and choose objects in the drawing at the Select objects: prompt. End object selection to return to the Link Select dialog box.
Part III Working with Data
<serializer> <name>FOP</name> <class> oracle.xml.xsql.serializers.XSQLFOPSerializer </class> </serializer>
Figure 5.43 The points show the weights for Dolph-Chebyshev tapering with 10 discrete samples. [Source: Meikle, H.D., Modern Radar Systems, Artech House, Norwood, Massachusetts, 2001.] Table 5.16
94 Pu 238 1801.275 239 1806.921 240 1813.455 241 1818.697 242 1825.006 95 Am 241 1817.935 242 1823.473 243 1829.84 96 Cm 246 1847.827 247 1852.983 248 1859.196 97 Bk 247 1852.246 98 Cf 251 1875.103 99 Es 252 1879.232 100 Fm 257 1907.511 101 Md 258 1911.701 102 No 259 19165.69 103 Lr 260 19196.21 104 Db 261 19239.49 105 Jl 262 19262.06
Figure 24-11: Creating a link Action
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