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Figure 26.12 Multiple sclerosis CAD report in DICOM SR format (left) and a 2-D oblique image (right). Refer to Figure 26.9 for original images and CAD results.
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If such a model-based process design space includes a suf cient portion of the factors affecting product quality variance, the process control space can be projected to de ne the bounds of normal operation. Based on this de nition, the control
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TABLE 6 Continued Question 1.404 1.405 Instructions/Questions (note any exceptions and comments in notebook) Do employees receive safety orientation before working in the plant area Is safety training documented in a readily retrievable manner that states the name of the employee, the type of training, the date of the training, and the name of the trainer and the signature of the trainer and the participant Does this facility have a formal, written security policy Is access to the facility restricted Describe how entry is monitored/restricted: Is a security person available 24 hours per day Internal Quality/GMP Audit Program Does this business unit/facility have a written quality policy Is a copy of this quality policy furnished to all employees If yes to above, when provided Is training provided in quality improvement Does a formal auditing function exist in the Quality Assurance department Does a written SOP specify who shall conduct audits and quali cations (education, training, and experience) for those who conduct audits Does a written SOP specify the scope and frequency of audits and how such audits are to be documented Does a written SOP specify the distribution of the audit report Quality Cost Program Does this facility have a periodic and formal review of the cost of quality Does this facility have the ability, through personnel, software, and accounting records, to identify and capture quality costs Does this facility make a conscious effort to reduce quality costs Design control Not directly related to the drug regulation Facility control Facility Design and Layout 211.42(a) Are all parts of the facility constructed in a way that makes them suitable for the manufacture, testing, and holding of drug products 211.42(b) Is there suf cient space in the facility for the type of work and typical volume of production Does the layout and organization of the facility prevent contamination Environmental Control Program The facility is NOT situated in a location that potentially subjects workers or product to particulate matter, fumes, or infestations Yes, No, or NA
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8. Set up the Action per the choices in the bottom part of the Inspector. Upon completion of the details in the Inspector, you complete the setup of that Action. 9. (Optional) To set up another Action for the event trigger, keep the event selected, click the plus sign again, and then choose the next Action from the Action pop-up menu and proceed to set up the newly chosen Action. You can repeat this many times, adding more Actions to the user event.
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Part III Selections, Masks, and Filters
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Image Stored in Computer Memory, display and archive
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$member = new Member( array() ); $form->addRule( favoriteGenre , The Favorite Genre field can contain only allowed genre values , regex , /^( . implode( | , array_keys( $member>getGenres() ) ) . )$/ );
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Michael Johnston, ePMT HJC New Media Introduction Why Build a Planned Giving Section on a Web Site Electronic Media and Their Effect on Allied Professionals in Planned Giving and Major Gifts Especially with Bequests Still Doubtful about Getting Major Gifts or Bequests Online
[363] [364]
RFID Integration Models for Digital Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Assembly Supply Chains Evaluation of Network Simulation Results Summary Complimentary Video on DVD References
education in PACS and informatics to the radiology community. When Dr. Roger A. Bauman became editor in chief of the then new Journal of Digital Imaging in 1998, the consolidation of PACS research and development peer-reviewed papers in one representative journal became possible. Editor-in-chief Bauman was succeeded by Dr. Steve Horii, followed by Dr. Janice C. Honeyman-Buck. The Journal of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics (JCMIG) published two special Issues on PACS in 1991 (Huang, 1991a); PACS Twenty Years Later summarized in 2003 (Huang, 2003a) the progress of PACS before 2003 in two 10-year intervals (Fig. 1.1i ). Early Funded Research Projects by the U.S. Federal Government One of the earliest research projects related to PACS in the United States was a teleradiology project sponsored by the U.S. Army in 1983. A follow-up project was the Installation Site for Digital Imaging Network and Picture Archiving and Communication System (DIN/PACS) funded by the U.S. Army and administered by the MITRE Corporation in 1986 (MITRE, 1986). Two university sites were selected for the implementation, University of Washington in Seattle and Georgetown University/George Washington University Consortium in Washington, DC, with the participation of Philips Medical Systems and AT &T. The U.S. National
Evolution of Decision Support Systems
MISS ePR system. See Minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS) Missing images PACS pitfalls related to, 627 recovering, 311 313 Missing location markers, in PACS, 615 Missing series, recovering, 311 313 Missing studies, recovering, 311 MITRE Corporation, 5 Mixed models with ePR, 507 generic, 507 Mobile Transit Scenario, 436 Modality-based radiology departments, 431 Modality dictionary le entries, in VistA system, 691 692 Modality integration unit (MIU), 220 221 Modular design, of location tracking and veri cation system, 879 Modulation transfer function (MTF), 46, 51. See also MTF(u) of a DR unit, 85, 87 Moire patterns, 71 Monitoring and discovery system (MDS), in CAD bone age assessment system Data Grid integration, 852 853 Monitoring page, with location tracking and veri cation system, 875, 876 877, 880 881 Monitoring system in PACS environment, 539 in PACS simulator, 898, 899 Monoenergetic energy, 123 Montage, 369 Mother board failure, at Saint John s Healthcare Center, 485 486 Mother wavelet function, 199 Motion picture experts group (MPEG) compression method, 210 Motorized stage assembly, in 2-D light imaging, 103 MPEG2 video compression method, 210, 211 213 MR angiography (MRA), 135 136. See also Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) MR-CT fusion screenshot, 165 MR-CT image fusion, 164 MRI Data Grid, for dedicated breast MRI, 670 673. See also Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) MRI FLAIR images, 817, 818, 819 MRI images archiving of, 562 563 in cost analysis. 560 in minimally invasive spinal surgery, 743 in MISS pre-op surgical planning, 757 MR images with LDSERS, 546, 548 PACS bottlenecks related to, 621, 622, 623 624 in PACS ef ciency analysis, 592 in PACS implementation, 575 procedure errors related to, 618 619, 620 621
The drawing in the following exercise on using the DIVIDE and MEASURE commands, ab12-a.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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