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The name of your module should match the name used in the source code. When you create a debug build of Python, files have a _d appended to the end (for example, the executable is named python_d); and when loading extension modules, Python looks for the same suffix, so debug versions of your module should have that suffix as well. For example, if your module is named junk, normally your extension would be built as junk.so, and the debug version should be named junk_d.so.
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3. Specify the cell phone number you wish to send the ring tone to.
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Table 15-1: Tolerance Symbols
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Figure 8.3: An example of Independent Basic Service Set (IBSS) participating in the coordination. Therefore stations in the network are self-organized.
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Part I AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT Basics
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MAC-hs user data buffer
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15. To draw shutters, first change the layer. Click the Layer Control drop-down list on the Layers toolbar, and choose EXWALL. 16. Choose Line from the Draw toolbar. Follow the prompts:
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Heat generation is undesirable because it leads to loss of resolution (due to convection of buffer causing mixing of separated samples), a decrease of buffer viscosity (which also decreases R) and, in extreme cases, structural breakdown of thermally-labile samples such as proteins and nucleic acids. A decrease in R means that, under conditions of constant voltage, I will increase during electrophoresis
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Because most applications use dates at some point, it is very important to understand how XSQL works with dates. XSQL uses date formats that act as masks. A date format is a combination of different symbols that represent different parts of the date-time stamp. XSQL uses date formats both when retrieving information from the database and when putting information into it. When retrieving information, XSQL writes the date to output in accordance with the date format. When inputting information, it assumes that dates are in the format specified by the date format. The characters that represent different parts of the date format are listed in Table 5.5. Padding for variable-length data can be supplied by repeating the symbol. For example, if you want 08 to represent 8 A.M., you put hh in the format string.
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Minor redesign
You can lock a file while Workgroup Support is off, and then check it back in while Workgroup Support is on, and vice versa (check one out, and then unlock it). I recommend disconnecting from the server between connections, though, because lock status may become confused.
Figure 6-7: Placement of a Remote Sensor in a family room setting.
3D Orbit is not available in AutoCAD LT. This entire section, including the exercise is for AutoCAD only.
Earlier in the chapter you learned that you can use hints in method and function arguments to ensure that the correct class of object is being passed. Sometimes, though, you might want to explicitly check the class of a particular object that you re working with. For example, you might want to check that all the objects in an array are of a certain class, or treat objects differently depending on their class. To find out the class of an object, you can use PHP s built-in get_class() function, as follows:
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