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echo preg_quote( $3.99 ); // Displays \$3\.99
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This method gives you more flexibility when designing action handlers. For instance, you can invoke an action handler with this method. The hypothetical case is that your action handler chooses what action to take based on the test attribute. These could result in different SQL queries or maybe calls to other data sources. The problem solved is one of complexity. If you need to pass a lot of information to an action handler, why not use XML to help you keep it organized This can be a more sane approach than having to parse text inside your action handlers.
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The first thing you need to do is set up the multimeter to measure DC voltage in the 20-volt range. All multimeters are different, so consult your documentation if unsure how to do this. What follows are generic instructions for setting up a multimeter: 1. Plug the black probe into the socket labeled COM. 2. Plug the red probe into the socket labeled V (see Figure 11-17).
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A reporter was given an opportunity to do an exclusive interview with a network engineer who had been sent to the International Space Station to upgrade the network. Reporter: So, how do you feel now that you have been there for 3 days Engineer: Lady, how would you feel if you were stuck in space, oating inside a grouping of about 120,000 parts all bought from the lowest bidder
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Fig. 1.1
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Expressions (23) differ from similar expressions (14) by parameter Qef, used instead of Dkl, and a new parameter H. At q 0, Eq. (22) with (23) transforms into Eq. (13) with (14). The parameter H % (q2 l=2k)(l=zch ) % Qef (l=zch ) has an in uence upon the dependence of the threshold Gth on the spatial detuning parameter Qef. The minimum of the dependence Gth(Qef) shifts to Qef 0 already when l/zch ! 1 (see curve 3 in Fig. 10.5). However, other minima of the dependence Gth(Qef) (other branches) can have approximately the same values as the rst minimum Gth(0). This fact means that the angular displacement of the scattering wave relative to the pumping wave at one speckle length leads to an increase in its oscillation threshold; however, the discrimination condition of these waves in comparison with the phase conjugated wave may not be satis ed. The phase conjugate condition can be expressed as a strong increase of the oscillation threshold for a scattering wave with displacement at an angle more than Qd with respect to the conjugated wave (where the angle Qd is the diffraction divergence of a single-mode beam with the same radius as that of envelope of the speckled beam E1). Such displacement corresponds to qd kQd, and the phase conjugate condition can be written (by analogy with the theory of phase conjugation by the backward SBS [5]) as Gth (qd ) ! 2Gth (q 0) (24)
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18.8. STARTING POINTS OF PLANNING METHODS IN INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS From the foregoing sections, we can conclude the following generic characteristics of planning in intelligent systems (see also 1). An intelligent system functions in its environment. It receives input from this environment, and it changes its environment by acting in it. One of the ways to make sure that the actions will have the desired effects is to simulate actions before they are performed that is, imagining what effects the actions will have. Here, simulation means the consideration of
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Another way to test the PSU is using two resistors of 20 ohm (or greater). You can use these to load the 5-volt and 12-volt hard drive power rails to simulate a hard drive. Connecting the resistors is easy (see Figure 11-15). Take the hard drive connector and use one resistor to bridge one of the outside connectors fed by either the yellow wire (12 volts) or red wire (5 volts) to one of the two ground connectors in the middle (black wires). Then simply repeat for the other connector. This will provide load for the PSU and simulate a hard drive.
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Firewall Rules or Filters
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