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Figure 25-26: The In & Out Links Palette Options enable you to choose what you see in the palette.
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Figure 22-16: A model with the Bronze Satin material attached. (It looks better in color!)
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1.3 QoS PARAMETERS In general, QoS is a networking term that specifies a guaranteed throughput level, which allows network providers to guarantee their customers that end-to-end delay will not exceed a specified level. Consider ATM as an example w13, 14x. The QoS parameters include peak-to-peak cell delay variation CDV., maximum cell transfer delay maxCTD., and cell loss ratio CLR.. As Figure 1.1 shows, the maxCTD for a connection is the 1 y a quantile of CTD. The peak-to-peak CDV is the 1 y a quantile of CTD minus the fixed CTD that could be experienced by any delivered cell on a connection during the entire connection holding time. The CLR parameter is the value of the CLR that the network agrees to offer as an objective over the lifetime of the connection. The CLR objective applies to either CLP s 0 cell flow or to the aggregate CLP s 0. q CLP s 1. cell flow, where CLP stands for cell loss priority and is indicated by a specific CLP bit in the cell header. The CLR is defined for a connection as CLR s lost cells total transmitted cells
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Figure 6.22. Diagrammatic representation of sequential resonance assignment in 2-D NMR. A protein containing the sequence Leu Gly Tyr is under investigation. This protein contains three glycines (at positions 10, 16 and 35). (a) Resonances on the diagonal correspond to individual amino acid residues. Each type of amino acid gives a distinct COSY spectrum. NOEs between adjacent residues may be identi ed in the NOESY spectrum and this identi es the diagonal position of Glycine-16. This process is repeated for every residue in the sequence. (b) Intermolecular NOEs between sequentially distant parts of the protein are then identi ed from NOESY spectra since diagonal positions of each residue are now known.
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The cognitive processes of the actual planner and scheduler The organizational environment within which planning and scheduling is undertaken.
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But . . . delete some code, such as the closing quotation mark from the end of an image name, and you can see the rest of your code change color as your code is reinterpreted. Put in the right code, and it s all fixed and back to the correct coloring. You don t even have to follow the color coding or figure out what s missing or wrong. GoLive tells you! The Source Editor s button bar contains Syntax Checking. With it, GoLive can give you error alerts and warnings about your HTML. Because different browsers interpret HTML differently, a pop-up menu on the toolbar enables you to check your code for compatibility with different groups or sets of browsers. Getting back to the example, click the Check Syntax button, and it opens an error display above your code and lists any errors in your page, line by line. At any time as you work on your site, you can switch to the Source tab and see if GoLive has any errors or warnings to report. If you re working exclusively in Layout mode, you shouldn t have errors. But when you get into experiments with global regular expression prints (GREPs see the Find and Replace in Multiple Files section in 25 for more information about GREPs) or start hand-coding or pulling out tags with source code, you might find this checking to come in quite handy. Check Syntax compares the code in your page to GoLive s Web Database, which keeps track of HTML tags and how they should be used. Check Syntax then alerts you to any differences between the code in your page and the code in the GoLive Web Database. You can view, and even edit, this Web Database. It s at Edit Web Settings.
Figure 16-23: Hatching islands using the three boundary styles.
Endocrine disorders include Cushing syndrome, hypothyroidism, hypopituitarism and growth hormone de ciency; in post-pubertal girls, obesity may be associated with the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) (see s 8 and 13). All these conditions are rare except PCOS, which is being increasingly recognized in obese, adolescent females (Hassan and Gordon, 2007). Cushing syndrome may present with delayed or arrested growth in a child with central obesity; the classical adult features rounded moon face , buffalo hump , purplish-red cutaneous striae and proximal myopathy may be more or less apparent (Figure 21.6). Blood pressure is often raised and hypokalaemia may occur. Causes include corticotroph pituitary adenomas, adrenocortical tumours and glucocorticoid therapy. Hypothyroidism may also cause growth delay or arrest with obesity, and other manifestations may not be obvious (Figure 21.7). Hypothalamic damage resulting from tumours such as a craniopharyngioma or cranial radiotherapy can cause hyperphagia and obesity, especially if the ventromedial hypothalamus is involved, and typically worsens when corticosteroid replacement therapy is started (Figure 21.8).
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