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+ K ( s ) x = -X (space charge force).
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To reduce or enlarge the width of a border between frames, follow these steps: 1. Click directly on the border you wish to change. This selects the border and turns the Inspector into the Frameset Inspector. 2. Check the box labeled BorderSize. GoLive s default border size, 6 pixels, appears. 3. Select the default number in the field by the BorderSize option, and then enter your desired number. For a wider border enter a larger number. For a thinner border enter a smaller number, and zero for no border. However, a border of 0 may still result in a thin line appearing in some browsers so if you don t want any border, be sure to set the BorderFrame option to No. (See Turning Borders Between Frames On or Off later in this chapter.)
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FIGURE 4.42 Geometry of a short-circuited bow-tie microstrip antenna for compact dualfrequency operation.
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In this procedure, as in the others described in Section 11.4, there is some advantage in arranging such that the object pinhole is not quite diffraction limited; this not only gives a little more light ux, a useful bonus in most cases, but also makes it rather easier to judge the ray intersections. A quicker procedure, which gives only a qualitative picture of the aberrations, is simply to put an opaque straightedge across half the aperture as shown in Figure 11.20 and look at the image in various focal planes. As indicated, the general nature of the aberration appears as semicircular strips on either side of the axis, and with a little practice this image can easily be interpreted. The inside of focus, in focus, and outside of focus images with spherical aberration are shown in Figure 11.21. 11.4.2. Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration Suitable lters are used, and the aperture is stopped down until the spherical aberration is negligible; the longitudinal chromatic aberration can then be plotted directly from the measured focal positions for the different wavelengths. If we use annular diaphragms, we can also measure the chromatic variation of spherical aberration; however, this re nement is rarely of interest in a practical workshop situation. Again the straightedge across half the aperture can be used as for spherical aberration, without lters in the light source. The distribution of colors then gives a rapid indication of the balancing of the chromatic correction. 11.4.3. Axial Symmetry In the systems with which Section 11.4 is concerned, it is usual to nd some asymmetry on axis due to the building up of constructional tolerances. This is particularly so with zoom lenses, where the decentering may vary over the zoom range. The axial star image provides an instant check on the centering and may be used as a control in improving it, if this is required. To aid in this, it is useful to have an accurate rotation mechanism on the nodal slide mount for the lens under test.
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Endocrine disorders
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The main functionality of R5 QoS amendments
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A (Very) Brief Introduction to Shell Programming . . . . . . . . . 174
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Networking Nuts and Bolts
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Figure 9-4: Use the freeware tool Qcheck to evaluate your wireless (and wired) connections replacing several tools such as PING and TRACEROUTE.
Layer Tool Name LAYMCUR LAYERP LAYWALK Menu Format Layer Tools Make Layer Current Object s Format Layer Tools Layer Previous Format Layer Tools Layer Walk Description Makes the layer of the selected object the current layer. Makes the previous layer that you used the current layer. A full-featured command that helps you to see which objects are on which layers. Using the dialog box and the shortcut menu, you can list the number of objects on each layer, count the total number of layers, save layer states, and purge unused layers. Changes the layer of selected objects to match that of another selected object. Changes the selected object s layer to the current layer. Copies objects while changing the copy to the layer that you specify. Turns off all layers except the layer of an object that you select, so that you can isolate a specific layer. Freezes all layers except the layer of an object that you select in all viewports except the current one, isolating the selected layer in the current viewport. Turns the layer of the selected object(s) off. Turns all layers on. Freezes the layer of the selected object(s). Thaws all layers. Locks the layer of the selected object(s). Unlocks all layers. Changes the layer of all objects on the first layer selected to the second layer selected. The first layer is purged. Deletes objects from the specified layer and purges that layer.
Walking Through a Model
ATTRIBUTE NAME columns= string
The set appears as a folder icon in the Layers palette scrolling list. To add a layer to the set, drag the layer name in the scrolling list and drop it on the folder icon. Layers that are part of a set appear indented, as in Figure 12-24. The triangle to the left of the folder icon permits you to expand and collapse the layers inside the set, a tremendous help when working inside images with a dozen or more layers. Figure 12-25 shows the layers associated with a typical page design I put together for my Web site. When all sets are expanded, the layers don t even begin to fit on screen. But with sets collapsed, you can assess the construction of the image at a glance.
The code that contains the <noframes> setup is that last part:
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