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Figure 4.11. Energy distribution in production of HDPE extrusion blow-molded bottles [29].
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Fault-Tolerant Data Grid for Small Animals Imaging Protocol GAP GAP
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Your First XSLT Stylesheet
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Each tool on a tool palette has properties that you can set. The available properties vary slightly, depending on the type of tool. The properties specify how that tool is inserted into a drawing. Tools inherit their properties from the object that you dragged onto the tool palette. However, you can change the properties. To set the properties of a tool, right-click it and choose Properties to open the Tool Properties dialog box. Figure 26-7 shows the Tool Properties dialog box for a hatch tool. Figure 26-7: The Tool Properties dialog box for a hatch pattern.
c:\Program Files\ AutoCAD 2006\slidelib ab30sld < ab30sld.lst Note SLIDELIB cannot accept file names with spaces, but it can handle long file names, provided that you use a character, such as an underscore, where you might normally have a blank space.
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