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for human error is unavoidable. A very minor error from input may have a severe impact on the integrity of the PACS data. We discuss this issue in later sections and in 19 on PACS pitfalls and bottlenecks. Third, ideally the gateway should be 100% automatic for ef ciency and minimizing system errors. However, to achieve a totally automatic component without much human interaction and with equipment from varied manufacturers is very challenging. The degree of dif culty and the cost necessary to achieve this have been focal issues in PACS design. Automated image acquisition from imaging devices to the PACS controller plays an important role in a PACS infrastructure. The word automatic is important here, since relying on labor-intensive manual acquisition methods would defeat the purpose of the PACS. An important measure of the success of an automatic acquisition is its effectiveness in ensuring the integrity and availability of patient images in a PACS system. Because most imaging devices are now DCIOM compliant, this chapter only discusses methods related to the DICOM gateway. For imaging devices that
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STEPS: Using a Sheet Set
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Creating Message Fingerprints
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Because you cannot count on your user-triggered sound to be heard by everyone, it s a good idea to use such sounds as accents and not as an essential part of your site s message.
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45. Retrieve tapes 46. Transport tapes for dictation 47. Transcribe and print reports 48. Bring report to film room 50. Bring report to front desk 51. Give report to radiologists 53. Take report to medical administration
Availability Availability measures the ability of a system or group of systems (cluster) to keep an application or service up and running. Designing for availability assumes that systems will fail, and the systems are configured to mask and recover from component or server failures with minimum application outage. Serviceability Serviceability is the probability of a service being completed within a given time window. If a system has a serviceability of 0.98 for 3 hours, then there is a 98 percent probability that the service will be completed within 3 hours. In an ideal situation, systems can be serviced without any interruption of user support. This is possible by using hot-swappable components such as power supplies, fans, disks, and system boards. Fault-tolerant systems These are systems that have redundant hardware components and can operate in the presence of individual component failures. Since the cost of individual components continues to drop, several non fault-tolerant systems have built-in component redundancy. Therefore, the distinction between fault-tolerant and non fault-tolerant systems has become increasing blurred. High availability (HA) clusters These clusters consist of two or more nodes with a number of external interconnections such as shared disks and private heartbeat network and are managed by special software with a goal of providing uninterrupted service despite node failures. If a node running one or more applications fails, one or more of the remaining nodes in the HA cluster take over applications from the failed server. Ideally, the only downtime is the time it takes to stop the application on the failed host and start it on another. In a HA cluster, the focus for availability changes from hardware components or servers to applications. It does not matter which server is running the application. What matters is that the application is running and available for clients and users. High-performance clusters (HPC) These are also called parallel computing clusters. Each cluster has a group of computers, tied together to work at the same time on a problem, not as backups to each other. The movie Titanic could not have been done without several clusters of computers doing the animation and graphics. Technical computing requires huge files and applications that can slow down most computers. Performance clusters assign a small piece of the task to each computer, so it can perform quicker than a single computer. Disaster recovery (DR) Disaster, in the context of online applications, is an extended period of outage of mission-critical service or data,
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