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Figure 15-18: The justification options let you control how Photoshop adjusts your text when justifying it.
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It is common to think about environmental risks in terms of events with potential environmental consequences, and to restrict the assessment purely to consequences for flora, fauna and the natural environment. However, this is often too narrow a perspective, and business impacts may be as important as environmental consequences in many cases. An appropriate range of consequence criteria should be included in all risk assessments, including environmental risk assessments. For example, Table 18.2 shows a holistic set of environmental consequence criteria adopted by the Australian Department of Defence as part of its defence EMS risk management framework (www.defence.gov.au/environment). In this case, environmental and related community and heritage criteria alone would be insufficient to reflect the range of consequences of interest to defence managers and environmental managers. Similar concerns arise in more obviously commercial businesses.
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$text = Our high-quality mouse mat is just $3.99, while our keyboard covers sell for $4.99 and our screen protectors for only $5.99. ; function addADollar( $matches ) { return $ . ( $matches[1] + 1 ); } echo preg_replace_callback( /\\$(\d+\.\d{2})/ , addADollar , $text );
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Part IV Media Center PC Projects
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has an irritating habit of robbing the image of color in the low-contrast areas, just where the color is needed most. But when you apply it to a single channel, there s no color to steal. In fact, the filter adds color. For example, because there is almost no contrast in the dark shadows, High Pass elevates the black to gray in each of the affected color channels. The gray in the red channel appears red, the gray in the red channel mixed with the gray in the green channel appears yellow, and so on. As a result, the filter imbues each image with a chalky glow.
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The input([prompt]) function is equivalent to raw_input, except that it assumes the input is a valid Python expression and returns the evaluated result to you:
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You can skip Steps 1 and 2 by dragging the graphic directly onto your page. This places the Smart Object placeholder on your page and opens the Save For Web window, bringing you directly to Step 3.
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10. To add more literal text an x or the word by, as is common when stating dimensions type another quotation mark, a space, and then your text, followed by another space and the end quotation mark. The editor now displays:
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In practical measurement, the quantities of interest are usually the area and the location of the line. Simple calculations show that the area is equal to r0103. Then, (4.131) and, therefore,
Risk likelihoods
External beam radiation therapy (RT) involves treatment planning and treatment delivery. It makes up over 90% or the workload in radiation therapy and is an image and computer graphic intensive process. Patient imaging information is needed in the RT planning process, image registration to identify regions to be treated, and markers to align images to ensure treatment setup accuracy. Multimodality images from projection X-rays, computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and positron emission tomography (PET) are used for tumor localization and critical organ identi cation. These include the shape, size, and location of the targets and radiosensitive vital organs. Sometimes images from different modalities need to be fused for better tumor and critical organ identi cation. From such information, treatment planning generates computer graphics and radiation dose distribution that overlay on the images to ensure the delivery of uniform high dose to target tumors but not to adjacent critical structures. In addition to careful monitoring of treatment, optimization and dose calculation are essential for successful patient treatment outcomes. During all these processes PACS and imaging informatics technologies are
Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection is necessary in a bus architecture where any workstation may transmit randomly at any given time. The bus segment these workstations reside on is sometimes referred to as a collision domain. 3 This type of tap was also referred to as a vampire tap since it had a pointed probe that pierced the protective layer of the cable insulation to strike the vein at its core, which was the center copper conductor. The bits would be allowed to ow like the life s blood of the network was being sucked out. OK, getting a little too dramatic with the class B horror movie genre references. 4 Thinnet was also referred to as cheapernet since the cost factor was a mere fraction of the cost of 10BASE5 cabling, being more readily available at many electrical supply houses. There really is something to that supply and demand theory that I learned in my economics classes.
It is now interesting to derive a formal stability criterion [1, 4, 7]. Let us apply a small perturbation A to the amplitude of the oscillating signal; if the oscillation is stable, the amplitude will come back to the same value as it was before the perturbation. Since the perturbation is small, the perturbed admittance in eq. (5.61a) can be expanded in Taylor series to the rst order, and eq. (5.61a) becomes Ytot (A0 , j 0 ) + Ytot (A, s) A A + Ytot (A, s) s s + = 0 (5.63)
@WebMethod(operationName = ValidateEmail , action = urn:ws-xwebservicescom:XWebEmailValidation:EmailValidation:v2:validateEmailIn ) @WebResult(name = ValidateEmailResponse , targetNamespace = urn:wsxwebservices-com:XWebEmailValidation:EmailValidation:v2:Messages ) public ValidateEmailResponse validateEmail ( @WebParam(name = ValidateEmailRequest , targetNamespace = urn:wsxwebservices-com:XWebEmailValidation:EmailValidation:v2:Messages ) com.xwebservices.ws.xwebemailvalidation.emailvalidation.v2.messages.ValidateEmailRe quest ValidateEmailRequest); }
exception to this as the electrophoresis is performed in a gel-free context. The principal of free ow electrophoresis is that proteins are allowed to migrate in an electric eld across which a continuous laminar ow of buffer solutions is directed (Figure 10.6). The directions of the electric eld and buffer ow are orthogonal (i.e. at right angles) to each other. The buffer is collected in the 96 capillaries of a collection plate at the end of a separation chamber, allowing continuous fractionation of complex mixtures. By varying the composition of the separation buffer, three distinct separation principles can be used: IEF (Section 5.7); zone electrophoresis (Section 5.1.2); isotachophoresis (Section 5.9.1). In contrast to most other electrophoresis formats, in free ow electrophoresis sample is loaded continuously. This means small samples ( 50 l) can be loaded in a few minutes while large samples ( 100 ml) can be loaded in a day. The technique can be used to separate peptides, proteins organelles and even whole cells and it is possible to vary the
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