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As you can see, it s pretty easy to use XSLTProcessor. The first line creates a new DOMDocument object, $doc, and the second creates a new XSLTProcessor object, $proc. Next, the script loads the XSLT style sheet into the $doc object, then imports it into the XSLTProcessor object, $proc, using the importStyleSheet() method of the XSLTProcessor class. Now that the XSLTProcessor object has been primed with the style sheet, it s time to load the stock_ list.xml file into the $doc DOMDocument object. This overwrites the XSLT style sheet that was previously in the $doc object, but that s okay because the script no longer needs it. Finally, the script calls the $proc object s transformToXML() method, passing in the DOMDocument object containing the stock list XML data. As you can probably guess, this method does the actual XSL transformation, applying the style sheet to the XML data to produce the nice XHTML page, which is then displayed in the browser. To see this script in action, save it as xsl_transform.php in your document root folder, and visit its URL in your Web browser. You should see a nicely formatted XHTML page similar to Figure 19-5. If you get a Class XSLTProcessor not found error, you need to install or enable the XSL extension. On Ubuntu, make sure you ve installed all the packages indicated in 2. On Windows, edit your php.ini file and remove the semicolon from the line:
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Summary Exercise
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Price of RAM modules can be confusing. The smaller RAM modules are cheaper than bigger ones, but the price isn t linear. One 256 MB module is cheaper than two 128 modules, and one 512 MB module is cheaper than two 256 MB modules. However, once you get to 1 GB you begin to pay an additional premium. For example, at the time of this writing, a 1-GB DDR module costs about three times as much as a 512-MB module. It s not, however, all about price. Most modern boards that can take DDR and DDR2 memory have a feature called dual-channel. This means that you will get better system performance if you install two smaller modules than one big one. For example, if you want a system with 1 GB of RAM, installing two 512 MB modules will give you better performance. So, how much RAM do you really need Use Table 5-5 as a quick guide to help.
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PC Magazine Guide to Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
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Figure 7.14 The adding of echo signal and noise (convolution) for the four Swerling cases with N = 10 and R = 3.
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The design of a parallel mesh infrastructure is dictated by the type of meshes to be stored, the mesh-level information and functions to be performed by the applications, and the parallel computational environment that will be applied. This chapter considers the parallel representation of adaptively evolving conforming unstructured meshes that can include multiple mesh entity topological types. The mesh information needed and the functions that must be carried out on the mesh are a strong function of the speci c application operations to be performed. In the case of adaptive analysis, the most demanding of operations performed are the mesh modi cations associated with adapting the mesh [1, 5, 9, 15, 16, 20]. In the case of curved geometries, the mesh modi cations must be performed such that the geometric approximation of the domain is improved as the mesh is modi ed [15]. This requires that the mesh be related back to the original geometry de nition. The most common form of geometric representation is a boundary representation de ned in terms of topological entities including vertices, edges, faces, and regions and the adjacencies between the entities [19, 35]. This leads to consideration of a boundary representation for the mesh in which the mesh entities are easily related to geometric model entities, and the topological entities and their adjacencies are used to support the wide range of mesh information in need of mesh modi cation operations [4, 6, 13, 25]. The three basic functional requirements of a general topology-based mesh data
Figure 6.11 Principal hypothalamic areas implicated in the control of food intake. The diagram shows their neural interconnections, their hormone and metabolite sensitivities, and the signalling neuropeptides expressed in their neurones. Interconnections are depicted on one side only. Hypothalamic areas: ARC: arcuate nucleus; PVN: paraventricular nucleus; LHA: lateral hypothalamic area; VMH: ventromedial hypothalamic area. Neuropeptides: CRH: corticotropin releasing hormone; GRP: gastrin-releasing peptide; OT: oxytocin; NPY: neuropeptide Y; MCH: melanin-concentrating hormone; AgRP: agouti-related peptide; POMC: proopiomelanocortin; CART: cocaine- and amphetamine-related transcript; BDNF: brain-derived neurotropic factor. Metabolites: LCFA: long-chain fatty acids.
Example 39 I n Figure 7.3, the mean SINR with dominant interference is 4dB. If, according to ACM, it corresponds to QPSK modulation with convolutional code rate 1/2, then we obtain an achievable rate of 1 bit/symbol; The mean SINR without dominant interference is 20dB. If, according to ACM, it corresponds to 64QAM with code rate 7 8, then we obtain an achievable rate of 5.25 bits/symbol. I n this case, CSI=(l, 5.25) *traffic channel bandwidth. Here the rate is measured b y bits/s/trafic channel.
However, this middle ground partly explains the popularity of PHP. The fact that you don t need to learn a framework or import tons of libraries to do basic Web tasks makes the language easy to learn and use. On the other hand, if you need the extra functionality of libraries and frameworks, they re there for you. Another reason for PHP s popularity is the excellent and thorough online documentation available through www.php.net and its mirror sites. In the past, PHP has been criticized for the way it handled a number of things for example, one of its main stumbling blocks was the way in which it implemented object support. However, since version 5, PHP has taken stock of the downfalls of its predecessors and, where necessary, has completely rewritten the way in which it implements its functionality. Now more than ever, PHP is a serious contender for large-scale enterprise developments as well as having a large, consolidated base of small- to mediumsized applications.
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Tilted absorbing plate
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