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$xmlString = file_get_contents( ./stock_list.xml ); $stockList = new SimpleXMLElement( $xmlString );
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Definition Digital versatile disc random access memory. DVD-RAMs are writable DVDs that can also be erased and rewritten like the DVD-RW and DVD+RW formats. However, DVD-RAM discs can only be used when placed in an enclosing cartridge, which means that they don t fit into most standard DVD players or DVD-ROM drives. Digital versatile disc rewritable. A DVD+RW is like a DVD+R but can be erased and rewritten to. A DVD+RW disc must be erased before new data to be added. DVD+RW discs can hold 4.7 GB of data and are not available in double-sided or double-layer versions. Digital versatile disc rewritable. A DVD-RW is like a DVD-R but can be erased and rewritten. A DVD-RW disc must be erased before new data to be added. DVD+RW discs can hold 4.7 GB of data and are not available in double-sided or double-layer versions. Digital Video Interface. A video connection standard that support both analog and digital displays. Error checking and correction. See Parity. The most common type of connection computers use in a local area network (LAN). An expansion card added to a PC that allows it to connect to an Ethernetbased network. A slot on a motherboard that accepts expansion cards (such as internal modems or video adaptors). The two most common types are PCI and AGP. A component that drives cooler air over the heatsink to carry away the heat. File allocation table 32-bit. A table stored on a hard drive that keeps track of all your files and allows the PC locate them. Also known as an IEEE 1394 port. A high-speed interface developed by Apple Computer in the mid-1990s, which can be used to connect devices such as digital video cameras, hard drives, audio interfaces, and MP3 players to a computer. A FireWire port comes in speeds of 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps. Program code loaded onto a device used to control how the device works. This code can be updated when new versions are released. Examples of devices that have firmware include CD/DVD drives, digital cameras, and MP3 players. Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory. Flash memory can be used to store BIOS information but nowadays it has found its way into digital cameras and USB storage devices.
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3. Extraction of candidate AIH
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where Kij denotes local contributions by element n at local node (x, y) on the element (0 = lower node and 1 = higher). If we now apply this discretization to the multilevel mesh shown in Figure 6.5b, element 4 is replaced by elements 5 8 on the ner level and the discretization formula for node (I, J) becomes rI,J = rI,J + K01 + K00 uI 1,J , + K10 + K11 uI+1,J , + K10 + K00 uI,J 1 , + K11 + K01 uI,J+1 , Bartlett window. The Bartlett window [17] is formed by the convolution of two rectangular windows. The characteristics are very similar to the triangular window except that, in this case, the computation of the weights results in zeros at the end elements. This has the effect of essentially reducing the array size and consequently broadens the main beam. The tapering of the amplitude weights of the remaining active elements reduces the sidelobes to a level below the level when no amplitude weighting is employed (i.e., a six-element array with rectangular weighting). The amplitude weights with Bartlett windowing are computed from equations (2.35) and (2.36) depending on if the total number of elements
The authors would like to thank the Director of Ricardo Consulting Engineers Limited for their support and permission to publish this chapter. The authors would also like to acknowledge the help and support from their colleagues whose names do not appear in this chapter.
For fast neutrons up to about 20 MeV, the main mechanism of energy transfer in tissue is by elastic collisions with light elements. These interactions occur mostly in hydrogen for two reasons: it represents the largest number of tissue atoms, and since one-half the energy is transferred it represents the largest fractional transfer of energy. The concept of first collision dose is used to describe this energy deposition which is due to the recoiling hydrogen atom; the scattered neutron is likely to leave the body of a person before it undergoes another scattering interaction, and even if it does the energy deposited will be only 25% of the initial energy. The first collision dose concept for fast neutrons does not, however, account for energy deposition due to absorption reactions or those neutrons that undergo additional scattering before exiting the body. These processes will obviously occur, but since a person is not very thick the energy deposited in humans will be relatively small compared to the first collision interactions. A 5 MeV neutron, for example, has a macroscopic cross-section in soft tissue of 0.051 cm 1, and so its mean free path is 1/0.051 = 20 cm which suggests that a 5 MeV neutron will only have one interaction (a first collision dose) before it penetrates through the total body.
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