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ever, to increase the tube current (more mA s) to compensate for this reduction in photons; however, overall patient dose is reduced considerably (it is about half even when mA s is doubled).
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If you prefer, you can go directly to Preferences and add as many servers and settings for directories within servers as you wish. To do so, choose Edit Preferences, and then click the arrow by the Network icon at the left and click FTP Server. Then click New and enter your settings. (See Figure 27-11.) See the section on site settings to learn about each of the settings, if you need to.
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FIGURE 1.10. Ray diagram for calculation of the optical path difference between two re ected rays from an air gap of thickness t and angle of incidence y.
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The editor now displays the following:
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SOURCE C:\Rod\DB Design\MultiScript3.sql DROP DATABASE MultipleScripts;
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4 Defining Colors
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>>> import getpass >>> def getLogin(): ... name = raw_input( Name: ) ... passwd = getpass.getpass( Password: ) ... return name,passwd ... >>> getLogin() Name:robinhood Password: # Characters typed are not echoed ( robinhood , littlejohn ) getpass also has the getuser() function, which returns the login name of the
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If the selected object is a circle, you see its radius change to match the value that you specified to be the new text height. This is definitely not what you intended when writing this program. 3. Modify the program so that it reads as follows, and save it as ab35-06.lsp:
The StudentClasses table links the Students and Classes tables so it is a link table. Similarly the DepartmentClasses table links the Departments and Classes tables so it is also a link table.
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