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The first one takes a type of Operation, and the second takes a type of ResultWriter. In the beans.xml file, the only bean that implements the Operation interface is the add bean, and the only bean that implements the ResultWriter interface is the screen bean. Therefore, the Spring container wires the add bean to the ops property, and the screen bean to the writer property, automatically. Autowiring can sometimes simplify the clutter typically found in a large descriptor file. However, explicit wiring should always be used if there is any chance of autowiring ambiguity. You can also autowire by other criteria. The following table describes the other varieties of autowiring supported by Spring 2. Value of autowire Attribute
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Continuous analysis of samples eluting from such separations, which is called continuous ow FAB or dynamic FAB, ensures that no component will be overlooked due to its different ionization ef ciency (Figure 4.7). Plasma desorption ionization (PDI) is similar to FAB except that it involves bombardment of sample by a beam of plasma (i.e. atomic nuclei stripped of their electrons (Figure 4.8). This is achieved with the radioactive isotope Californium, 252 Cf, which breaks down to emit a stream of emission nuclei. Typical products, which are simultaneously emitted in opposite directions at identical velocities, are 20 Ba+ and 18 Tc+ . Sample is coated onto a suitable substrate such as aluminized mylar in a matrix composed of either nitrocellulose or glutathione. It is then placed in front of the source and exposed to the plasma beam which imparts suf cient energy to each component of the sample to cause ionization and to desorb these ions into the gas phase for analysis. PDI is used with a time-of- ight (TOF) analyzer (see following section) which measures the time required for each ion to travel to the end of a tube called the drift tube where they are detected. A feature of the plasma source is that, simultaneous with emission of the plasma product which causes sample ionization, a second product is emitted in the opposite direction with the same velocity. This is used to begin a time counter which allows accurate estimation of zero
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Here, N is the number of cells, and the sextupole strengths S, and S are , ~) defined by ( ~ 3 ~ B , , / d *x length/(2Bp) evaluated at the focusing and defocusing quadrupole locations, respectively. Unfortunately, the sextupoles inevitably introduce intrinsically nonlinear aberrations, and we have taken our first step away from a design based upon purely linear dynamics.
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T h e online environment changes so rapidly that no source of value o r advantage lasts for long; the challenge is therefore to develop an online business capable of constantly adapting, continuously improving and creating superior sources of competitive advantage. This can be achieved by establishing: systems online and in the organisation structure to study and understand customer needs; measures for monitoring competitors; measures t o assess customer trends notably, how buying habits are altering; a business audit highlighting where the business needs to change and the capabilities and resources that it must develop; teams that are dynamically led and empowered to make key business decisions; methods for keeping up to date with technological developments.
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Bushong, S. C. 2004, Radiologic Science for Technologists, 8th edn, Mosby, St. Louis, MO. Curry, T. S., III, Dowdey, J. E., Murray, R. C. Jr. 1990, Christensen s Physics of Radiology, 4th edn, Lea and Febiger, Philadelphia. Dixon, R. L., Simpkins, D. J. 1998, Primary shielding barriers for diagnostic x-ray facilities: a new model, Health Physics, 74, 2.
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_ _ Dnp + Dc = 0.98 mrad/h + 7.1 mrad/h = 8.08 mrad/h
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Because we live in a digital world, I decided to make a family podcast on a regular basis that talks about life and gives family advice to those who will come after me. Sure, this is not a traditional podcast like those I have been talking about so far, but you can see where I am going. We capture some of our lives on video, but think of the advice you can impart to future generations. Or, you can just give them something funny to listen to. I can think of nothing more satisfying than to have my great-great-great-great-grandchild listen to a podcast that I created. It s like a living genealogical record. So, before I start throwing down the philosophy of life, let s talk about some typical scenarios for a podcast. Remember, be creative and have fun, fun, fun. Here are some topics that I randomly thought of. Any one of these could be a great podcast. Obviously, some of these ideas are location-specific, but you never know when a traveler will be trying to find information on something in your area. Restaurant reviews Walking tours in tourist areas Get-around tips for your area Bar reviews Club reviews Park reviews Cruise reports
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You may need to change the data in a table, or you may want to change the way the table looks. Either way, you can modify a table easily. However, you need to know some of the techniques involved, because tables in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are a little different from tables in your word processor.
You can use the Customize User Interface dialog box to create your own flyouts, or you can use one of the existing flyouts. To use an existing flyout, you just drag one toolbar onto another one. Expand the Toolbars item in the Customizations In pane. Then expand the toolbar that you want to work with. In the same pane, locate the toolbar that you want to turn into a flyout, and drag it to any location on the expanded toolbar. To create your own flyout from scratch, follow these steps: 1. Expand the Toolbars item in the Customizations In pane. 2. Right-click any toolbar and choose New Flyout. 3. Right-click the new flyout (named Toolbar1 by default) and choose Rename. Type a name for the flyout. 4. From the Command List pane, drag commands to the flyout, using the same technique as described in the Adding buttons section earlier in this chapter. The following exercise loads a partial customization file on top of the main customization file. After the exercise, I explain how to undo the changes if you want. If you re working on someone else s computer, don t do this exercise without that person s permission. I explain more about main and partial customization files in 33.
On the CD-ROM It (for the TEXT command) and Idt (for DTEXT) allow you to specify the spacing between lines of text as you create them. Look in \Software\Chap13\It. Txtstack, in \Software\ Chap13\txtstack, adjusts spacing between lines of single-line text. These programs work only in AutoCAD. (Thanks to Leonid Nemirovsky, http://home.pacifier.com/~nemi, for creating It.lsp and Idt.lsp at my request.)
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