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10.1.2 Connection-Oriented Network Services
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xsl:template Attributes DESCRIPTION The value for this attribute is a pattern that is used to match xml nodes to this template. If more than one template matches a node, XSLT will pick the best template based on the rules described below. This attribute is used to name a template. It is needed only if you wish to use the call-template element with this element. In cases where more than one template matches and has the same specificity, you should set a priority value to declare which template should be selected. A mode can be used to specify different templates with the same pattern. The mode is specified on the call to the template.
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Cone section Apex
Now, numerical results are obtained for the expression developed above. The downlink IRR observed by employing a switched beam antenna in the central cell compared to a 120" fixed coverage omni-sector case. The expression can be evaluated as a function of the following system parameters: Number of beams; and Beam efficiency. The expressions also allow the following parameters to be easily evaluated, and results relating to these are found in [7]: traffic loading; pilot power fraction;
The BOUNDARY command (see the next section) offers a way to create regions in situations where objects are not neatly drawn end to end. If you had a hatch inside the objects, you lose hatch associativity. You can rehatch the region if you want. You can combine, subtract, and intersect regions to create complex objects. The three commands to accomplish these functions are UNION, SUBTRACT, and INTERSECT. These commands are discussed in 24 because they re most often used in 3D drafting.
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