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Project risk management guidelines
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It is a common mistake t o assume that achieving these aims requires technological solutions and a separate focus on the online aspect of the business. Online activities can only succeed effectively in partnership with other offline activities, such as customer focus in product development and effective customer support. Many customers experience problems ordering online. O n e of the most common customer complaints (experienced by possibly as many as 10 per cent of all online purchasers) is that they never receive the goods they have ordered, yet they are still billed and have a difficult and time-consuming experience trying to rectify the situation. T h e consequences of this for the retailer and the brand can be completely devastating. It is therefore worth considering how the customer can be supported if things should g o wrong: the mechanisms that are in place to recover the situation, as well as h o w t o prevent problems in the first place. F or some industries that have n o t traditionally focused on customer service, this may actually provide a new source of competitive advantage. However, it is certainly worth bearing in mind that asking your customers t o d o more may suit them by providing more direct control, but asking them to d o t o o much may negate any benefits of simplicity. This is particularly the cise if you are asking customers for information that is of more direct benefit to you, the business (for example, helping with inventory control o r database building) than t o them, the customer. It is therefore important t o assess each issue or feature from customers viewpoint, ensure that what customers need to d o is simple and that the benefits arc clear, and if necessary provide a ready and effective source of offline support.
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Proposition 5 For a s y s t e m with Nt transmit antennas and L distinct paths (Nt > L ) , the proposed STC-beamforming scheme has a receiving SNR gain of 10 log d B compared with the standard STC only scheme.
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Glossary (continued)
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Part I
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This screen shows some of the numerous configuration options available. A wizard takes you through the primary settings, but you should take some time to tour around the utility to get a sense of the range of possibilities. On the D-Link screens, each tab leads to an additional set of configuration options, as shown along the left-hand side in Figure 4-6. Figure 4-6 also shows the area you should go to first, the password change option. Out of the box, all routers tend to open with some version of the admin username and/or password, and even if nobody else uses your network you should change the password to prevent intruders from breaking into your PC and setting the options themselves. Change the administrator s name and password, and be sure to write them down and keep them so you can get into the utility when necessary.
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To run a script when loading AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT, change the target expression that Windows uses to open AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT. The easiest way to do this is to use the shortcut to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT on your desktop and modify the target there. Right-click the AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT shortcut and choose Properties. Click the Shortcut tab, shown in Figure 30-2. Figure 30-2: The Shortcut tab of the AutoCAD 2007 Properties dialog box.
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9.4.2. Biosynthesis Polyhydroxyalkonoates (Bacterial Polyesters) The family of polyhydroxyalkanoates are polymers produced as intracellular storage materials in a variety of bacteria grown under physiologically stressed conditions. Poly -hydroxybutyrate-co- -hydroxyvalerate (PHBV) is a semicrystalline aliphatic polyester that was initially produced commercially by Imperial Chemical Industries, PLC (London, England, ICI) from the bacteria Alcaligenes eutrophus. The homopolymer of poly- -hydroxybutyrate is melt processable with a melting point of 185 C and a glass transition temperature of 4 C. The melting point and glass transition temperatures decrease with valerate content up to 22% valerate, which is currently the highest valerate content produced commercially by Metabolix. The higher valerate-content copolymers show increases in the melt processability as well as the exibility and elongation with a decrease in the tensile strength. The effect of crystallinity on the enzymatic degradation of PHBV has shown a dramatic decrease in the degradation rate with increasing crystallinity [33].
Part III: Using PHP in Practice
At a minimum, mail() requires three arguments: A string containing the recipient s email address (or a comma-separated list of email addresses if sending to multiple recipients) The email subject line, as a string The message body, as a string
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