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Not all obese patients want, or will bene t from, drug treatment; it is important to target those who are most likely to bene t, to recognize when
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In an alternative form of the gamma distribution, the scale factor k is replaced by 1/b which is useful as b corresponds to signal-to-noise ratios, for example. Then the probability distribution and characteristic functions are given by  g 1   1 x x (60) exp p x bC g b b where b = 1/k. The characteristic function is C n 1 ibn
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As any marketing guru will tell you, understanding your customers is key to success. To know what users like and dislike about the PIX application, it may be useful to set up a feedback page. In this section you will create a web form that asks a couple of simple questions to gather user satisfaction data. For the sake of simplicity, you will not store the form s data in a database but instead will print it out to the server s console. If you want, you can try to save the form s data to the database once you re done with this exercise. The first thing you ll develop is the form controller and domain class, which will be used to process the form s data and print it to the server s console. You will also add some logic to make sure that the user s e-mail address is valid and that the overall rating has been provided. Once the form is successfully submitted, the user will be redirected to the albums page. Let s get started by creating a domain class to hold the form data.
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It is usually assumed that Universes with a flat or open geometry are infinite in extent, though the finite speed of light ensures we will never be able to prove this. However there is an alternative; the Universe may have a non-trivial topology. While geometry tells us the local shape of space or of space-time, topology describes the global properties. General relativity tells us that the properties of matter dictate the geometry, but says nothing about the topology. The simplest type of topology is associated with identification of points in space. For example, if you take a sheet of paper and join two sides to form a cylinder, you have identified the points at these two edges. An ant can now walk around the cylinder forever, even though its extent in that direction is finite. If you can also bend the cylinder around to join its ends together, you can form a shape like a bagel, known formally as a torus. Like a sphere, we have a finite two-dimensional surface with no edge. However a torus and a sphere have a different global structure; for example if you draw any loop on a sphere it can always be continuously deformed so as to shrink away to nothing, while a loop on a torus which wraps round one of its principal directions can never be continuously removed; it is 'caught' around the hole. This difference is not a local geometric property of the surface. but is a global property of the entire surface and it indicates that the two surfaces have different topology. I In fact a torus actually has a flat geometry. The surface may look curved to you, but that curvature is just due to the way the surface has been represented in three-dimensional space. Any inhabitants restricted to the surface will find that the angles of any triangle always add up to 1800 , and that circles have circumference equal to 21l' times their radius. If you can only explore a small area, there is no way of telling whether you live on the surface of a torus or on a genuinely infinite plane. It is possible for our Universe to have a non-trivial topology, so that for instance even if it has a flat geometry the volume might be finite and a traveller might return to their starting point in a finite time. If the scale of any topology is much larger than the observable
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Part II PC Pieces and Parts
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do not use such algorithms in practice. Mostly, algorithms are created by looking at the things that must be scheduled (or the domain) for example, machines, jobs, and operators. Van Wezel discusses that looking at the domain alone results in algorithms that do not incorporate aspects that the human planner nds important, which results in negligence by the human planner that should use the algorithm. In line with the analysis of the gap between theory and practice, van Wezel rst describes a comprehensive framework for modeling organizational planning and scheduling, after which he describes a paradigm for developing algorithms that are focused more on using the algorithms and less on optimality than current approaches. Referring back to the rst gap and in line with the chapters by Jorna and by McKay and Wiers, both the modeling framework and the algorithm development approach are grounded in practice; further emprical research is needed to enrich the developed concepts, and application in practice is based on analyzing the organizational as well as human aspects of the case where application will take place.
The blended downlink service level is 768kbps with a corresponding committed data rate of 57kbps, and the blended uplink service level is 448kbps with a corresponding committed data rate of 22kbps.
This section discusses the system architecture with generic hardware and basic software components of a DICOM PACS server and archive server. 11.5.1 Hardware Components
large, extrusion blow molding is used; while injection blow molding is typically used with smaller products with no handleware. Semicrystalline materials that are dif cult to blow are molded by stretch blow molding. Common resins such as PVC, PS, PP, LDPE, HDPE, and PET are blow molded routinely. Figure 2.15 illustrates the steps involved in extrusion blow molding. In extrusion blow molding, the most common blow-molding process, an extruder is used to produce a thick-walled plastic tube called the parison. The parison is extruded directly into a water-cooled cavity mold, which is then closed, and air injected through the top or the neck of the container. The softened polymer in the parison in ates against the wall of the mold, which cools the melt and solidi es it into the mold shape. The mold opens and the part is removed and de ashed to remove any excess plastic. While the wall thickness of the parison itself is uniform, that of the product formed (a bottle) will not be uniform because of its different geometry. This variation in wall thickness needs to be taken into account when designing products intended for blow molding. In this processing cycle most of the time is spent on cooling the mold. Therefore, it is usual to have several molds set up on a rotating table that takes up sections of parison from a single continuous extruder to optimize the process. In injection blow molding, an injection-molding machine replaces the extruder. In the rst stage a parison with the threads of the nished bottle molded in is injection molded onto a core element. The injected parison core is then carried to the next station on the machine, where it is blown up into the nished container as in the extrusion blow-molding process above. In some instances the parison might be stretched inside the mold to obtain a biaxially oriented plastic product. As the parison is injection molded, there is good control of the weight of the nal product in this type of blow molding. In stretch blow molding (for resins such as PET used in soda bottles) an injection-molded preform (usually obtained from a separate specialized vendor) is used. The preform is loaded into a simple machine that heats it to soften the plastic and stretches it inside the mold to shape the plastic into a bottle.
FIGURE 10-5: The keyed cable fitting into a floppy drive.
Receiver N_Port 1 Transmitter
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