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Table 38-2 Differences between High Availability and Disaster Recovery HIGH AVAILABILITY (HA) When to use it Configuration To protect against host failures. Hosts are connected by heartbeat cables. They have shared storage and they use the same network and subnet. DISASTER RECOVERY (DR) To protect against loss of an entire physical site or facility. Nothing is shared. The primary and secondary sites have independent servers, data storage, networks, and so on. Therefore, there are no distance limitations. Data from the primary site is replicated to the secondary site. The primary and secondary sites are several kilometers apart. If they are far enough apart, the chances a disaster would impact both sites is decreased.
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To center a table, you can also place it within another table that is set to span 100 percent of the browser window and set it to be centered within the encompassing cell. See the Table Tricks section later in this chapter.
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