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Berger and Seltzer have determined the fraction of the initial electron energy that is converted to radiation, results of which are listed in Table 15-1 for monoenergetic electrons on several absorbers, some of which are commonly used in x-ray generators. These data, which are plotted in Figure 15-4, illustrate that the radiation yield increases with electron energy and Z of the absorber. Berger and Seltzer also demonstrated that the photons produced by beam of monoenergetic
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13: More AOP: Transactions
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There are other options for YUM, but these will get you started and are likely to be the ones you ll use most often. If you want to learn more, read the YUM manual page by giving the command man yum or see the YUM homepage at
Next comes the main decision logic of the script. This code examines the $_POST and $_GET superglobal arrays and, depending on what field it finds, it calls an appropriate function to handle the request:
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