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If you click the ellipsis next to the Validation Rule eld, the Expression Builder shown in Figure 15-16 appears. This Expression Builder is similar to the one shown in Figure 15-12 for eld-level constraints except now it provides an expression category containing the table s elds. Double-click a eld to add it to the validation rule.
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Networking Nuts and Bolts
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Exercise 4 Solution
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A Simple Hit Counter
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To change the linetype scale, choose Format Linetype to open the Linetype Manager, shown in Figure 11-26. Click Show Details if the lower portion of the dialog box is not displayed.
The Impor tance of Unit Testing
In this example, I have been going on the assumption that you don t have a registered domain name. You don t need a domain name to set up and test a server, but without one, you will not be able to make your Web pages available to the public. Earlier in this chapter, I refer you to a Web page that contains a list of agencies licensed to register domain names to the public. Registration is fairly inexpensive; so, if you feel that you d like to take the plunge and register a name, there s really no reason not to. One thing you should be aware of when you do register a name is that you re going to need access to a domain name service (DNS) server. A DNS server translates your domain name into an IP number so that when people type into their Web browser, they ll be directed to the proper location on the Internet to find your Apache server. It is possible to run a DNS server yourself, although it is somewhat complicated, and beyond the scope of this book. It is also possible to find DNS services on the Internet for a price. This price is usually fairly inexpensive, and some services have easy-to-use Web interfaces that allow you to be quickly up and running. There are even free services, but they are not usually as responsive or easy to use as the pay services. In any event, you can find these by typing DNS service into your favorite search engine.
11: Practicing Web Safety
Optimization process
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