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3-dB Axial-Ratio CP Bandwidth (%) 1.6 1.5 1.3
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There are two general types of tweezers: Straight tweezers. These are ones whose gripping blades are straight. Curved tweezers. These have a curved end (obvious really!). Again, while stressing that they aren t essential, these will make life easier. Particularly handy are the style of tweezers that open when you squeeze the handle and close when you release it (see Figure 2-4). These are much easier to control than regular tweezers where you have to squeeze the handle to keep the pressure on to hold whatever is being gripped.
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Places Florida (USA) Arizona (USA) Almeria (Spain) Basel (Switzerland) Dhahran (Saudi Arabia) Melbourne (Australia) Singapore
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Defining color management policies
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particle approaching the target with impact parameter b , d o = 27rbdb. For small angles, d f l = 27re do. Hence, the differential cross section is
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Within-lab variation due to random effects= variability over longer period of time, under different conditions
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The Seine Data Coupling Framework
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14 15 Bone Age (yrs) Bone Age (yrs) 0 5 10 Chronological Age (yrs) 15 20 13
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Enter the paper width: Enter the paper height: code 128 barcode
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Part III: A Detailed Case Study
The next step is to add any other drawings and layouts that you want to include in the drawing list. The PUBLISH command streamlines the process of defining scale and plot area for each drawing by using the page-setup information defined with the layouts. Because layouts include this information, you can quickly create drawing sets for many drawings without individually deciding how to plot each drawing. You can specify a saved page setup for individual drawings for more control. (For more information on page setups and layouts, see 18.) You can add new drawings and layouts to the drawing list using any of the following methods: Drag drawings directly from Windows Explorer. You can add large numbers of drawings this way in any folder, click the first drawing, press Shift, and click the last drawing. Click Add Sheets and choose drawings from the Select Drawings dialog box. PACS Simulator Used for Demonstration of Advanced PACS Concepts In addition to serving the training functions described, the PACS simulator has been used to test some advanced PACS concepts. An example is to add the fault-tolerance module to the PACS server (see 16). During the test the clinical environment under consideration was simulated by continuously feeding images from the modality simulator to the fault-tolerant PACS server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 3 months to test its continuous availability (CA). This test demonstrated that the PACS simulator can be a good stand-alone test bed for any new radiology imaging components, including software and hardware. Because the PACS simulator supports most DICOM-compliant devices or software, users can test whether the new components can be connected directly to an existing PACS system without the need to connect with a clinical PACS system during the laboratory stage of validation.
Compared to MIR, in addition to speed, NIR has the advantage that direct or close contact between the detector and the sample is not necessary [67]. NIR instruments are also compatible with exible ber-optic probes [19]. NIR spectroscopy has been applied to the fully automated sorting of dismantled plastic parts on a conveyor belt (Fig. 14.12). An interesting evaluation of the technology can be found in a recent International Symposium on Electronics and the Environment (ISEE) conference paper [71]. The point raised in the paper is that under optimum conditions sorting accuracy is at best about 98% and that 98% resin purity is unacceptable for higher value engineering polymers. Since the NIR-sorted parts would need to go through another separation and puri cation step, the paper points out that it may be more cost effective to go directly to this type of processing step if it can be run with suf cient accuracy and throughput. The point may be valid under some situations and should be part of any overall recycling technology assessment, especially in the case of mixed plastics obtained from end-of-life vehicles and electrical and electronic equipment. Such an assessment leads to consideration of whether plastics sorting should take place at the parts dismantling stage using instrumented ID methods to separate by resin type [49] or at the granulate/ ake stage after size reduction [10, 49, 71, 72] where higher throughputs are in principle possible.
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