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For all projects, the nature of the risks will change as the project moves through different phases. Risk management should begin at the strategic planning stage of a proposed rdlc barcode
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>>> import os >>> os.environ[ GRUB ] = spam! >>> os.system( echo Mmm, %GRUB% > mm.txt ) # Use $GRUB on UNIX 0 >>> print open( mm.txt ).read() Mmm, spam!
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Severe obesity and its sequelae are serious, debilitating and progressive diseases that shorten life. In many cases, obesity is not amenable to lifestyle modi cation or pharmacotherapy (Bloomberg et al., 2005; Stunkard and McLaren-Hume, 1959; Van Itallie, 1980; Wooley and Garner, 1991). Weight loss of 15 kg, which may be achieved by perhaps one-third of subjects treated with anti-obesity drugs, can bring signi cant clinical bene ts to a patient weighing 95 kg, but may make little impact on someone weighing 190 kg. Moreover, most morbidly obese patients ultimately regain any weight that they lose through lifestyle or pharmacological management programmes. In such cases, weight-reducing or bariatric surgery should be considered indeed, it is the only therapy proven to achieve and maintain weight-loss and to improve the comorbidities of obesity in the long term (Buchwald and Williams, 2004; Deitel and Shahi, 1992). This chapter describes the rationale, indications and outcomes of the various surgical procedures devised to induce weight loss. The main focus is on the operations most widely used today, notably gastric bypass and gastric banding. The historical background is also brie y reviewed, to show the dramatic evolution of this eld and particularly the greatly improved ef cacy and safety of modern techniques.
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A central feature of Spring IDE is the so-called Spring Explorer. The Spring Explorer is an Eclipse view that can display all Spring-enabled projects and their Configs and Config Sets. The Explorer provides access to several features of Spring IDE. In the following sections these features will be outlined in more detail. If you followed the earlier steps to install Eclipse and Spring IDE, the Spring Explorer is not open or visible yet. You should bring it up by selecting Window Show View Others Spring Spring Explorer from the Eclipse main menu. Now you should see the Spring Explorer, as shown in Figure 11-4.
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<%@ taglib prefix= c uri= %> <%@ taglib prefix= spring uri= %> <%@ taglib prefix= form uri= %> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC -//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN > <html xmlns= lang= en xml:lang= en > <head> <title><spring:message code= title.create /></title> </head> <body> <jsp:include flush= true page= header.jsp ></jsp:include> <div align= left ><spring:message code= ${message} text= /></div> <!-- Album Creation Form --> <form:form> <form:errors path= * /> <table id= createAlbum > <tr> <th>Album Name*</th> <td> <form:input path= name /> </td> </tr> <tr> <th>Description</th> <td> <form:textarea path= description /> </td> </tr> <tr> <th>Album Labels</th> <td> <c:forEach items= ${labels} var= label > <form:checkbox path= labels value= ${label} />${label} <br/> </c:forEach> </td> </tr> <tr> <th>Creation Date</th> <td> <form:input path= creationDate />
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Tangential surface Sagittal surface R Virtual plane image C Spherical mirror under test Stop
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>>> cfg.get( Hoth , ID ,1) # Raw version %(team)s-1 >>> cfg.get( Hoth , ID ) # After variable evaluation gold-1 >>> cfg.get( Hoth , ID ,vars={ team : blue }) blue-1 # Override values in the file
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Despite the fact that the FDA s PAT framework (and guidance) began to take form just ahead of the creation of the twenty- rst-century cGMPs initiative in 2001, it is well known that several of the core concepts were pioneered decades ago by other manufacturing industries such as ne chemicals, semiconductors, petroleum, and consumer products. The main concepts that differentiate PAT from the traditional industrial pharmacy skill set (including pharmaceutical and materials science, chemistry, and engineering) are process analytical chemistry (PAC) and advanced manufacturing science (Figure 1). For the purpose of this discussion, the term manufacturing science is meant to describe the science and technology related to modern innovations in the design and management of manufacturing processes. Since it is neither practical nor necessary to cover all aspects of modern pharmaceutical manufacturing science in detail, the following sections are intended to introduce two speci c topics which are popular in the current industrial vernacular but are not covered in detail in the pharmaceutical literature: quality management systems and lean manufacturing. Process Analytical Chemistry
5.3. Rotational Shear Interferometers 5.3.1. Source Size Uncompensated Rotational Shear Interferometers 5.3.2. Source Size Compensated Rotational Shear Interferometers 5.4. Reversal Shear Interferometers 5.4.1. Some Reversal Shear Interferometers 6. Multiple-Beam Interferometers C. Roychoudhuri 6.1. 6.2. 6.3. Brief Historical Introduction Precision in Multiple-Beam Interferometry Multiple-Beam Fizeau Interferometer 6.3.1. Conditions for Fringe Formation 6.3.2. Fizeau Interferometry 6.4. Fringes of Equal Chromatic Order 6.5. Reduction of Fringe Interval in Multiple-Beam Interferometry 6.6. Plane Parallel Fabry Perot Interferometer 6.6.1. Measurement of Thin-Film Thickness 6.6.2. Surface Deviation from Planeness 6.7. Tolansky Fringes with Fabry Perot Interferometer 6.8. Multiple-Beam Interferometer for Curved Surfaces 6.9. Coupled and Series Interferometers 6.9.1. Coupled Interferometer 6.9.2. Series Interferometer 6.10. Holographic Multiple-Beam Interferometers 6.11. Temporal Evolution of FP Fringes and Its Modern Applications 6.12. Final Comments 7. Multiple-Pass Interferometers P. Hariharan 7.1. Double-Pass Interferometers 7.1.1. Separation of Aberrations 7.1.2. Reduction of Coherence Requirements 7.1.3. Double Passing for Increased Accuracy 7.2. Multipass Interferometry 8. Foucault, Wire, and Phase Modulation Tests J. Ojeda-Castaneda 8.1. Introduction 8.2. Foucault or Knife-Edge Test 8.2.1. Description 8.2.2. Geometrical Theory 8.2.3. Physical Theory 8.3. Wire Test 8.3.1. Geometrical Theory
-90o -20dB co-pol cross-pol x-z plane 0 -20dB y-z plane
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