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Business Case for Voice over IP
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Spoofing Spoofing is when a person or a machine pretends to be someone else. A person can pose as another user and send and receive e-mails that are meant for others. Machines pose as someone else s domain name and IP address to send out and receive e-mails. Misrepresentation A site will pretend to be and identify itself as some well-known retailer and collect credit card payments but never send out any material.
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3.3.5 SYSTEM AND PROCESS OWNERSHIP: ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES A well-designed QMS and the processes that comprise it require competent ownership with de ned roles and responsibilities for program success. This combination ensures that the system and processes are established, maintained, improved, and remain current with industry practices and business expectations. Operational execution of the QMS and the processes comprising it will engage stakeholders, management, and leadership, provide business results, and support and ensure compliance.
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Use the method dele(index) to delete message number index. If you change your mind, use the method rset to cancel all deletions you have done in the current session.
This is where abstract classes and methods come into play. By making a parent class abstract, you lay down the rules as to what methods its child classes must contain. When you declare an abstract method in the parent class, you don t actually insert any code in the method; instead, you leave that up to the child classes. You re specifying what the child class must do, not how to do it. To declare an abstract method, simply use the abstract keyword, as follows:
It s very easy to copy branding just take a real corporate email and replace the relevant parts with your own data. Another recourse for phishers is to copy the company s website. Although corporations don t always use the exact same formatting for email and the web, the styles are often complementary. The email will look plausible, if not exactly right. HTML mail usually uses images as well as text. It s easy enough for a phisher to download the images from the corporate website and include them with the message. Other phishers just use links in the email and let the customer s email reader download the images. This can result in amusing effects. When phishers attacked phish by spoofing John Kerry s 2004 presidential campaign, they used a picture of Kerry s brother from the campaign website. The webmasters promptly replaced the image with a note saying, Do not donate using any link in this email. I can t stress enough that it doesn t have to look exactly right when compared with a legitimate email. It just has to look convincing.
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