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Campbell, D.A. and Szardenings, A.K. (2003) Functional pro ling of the proteome with af nity labels. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 7, 296 303. Overview of af nity-based methods for detection of proteins in proteomic separations. Patton W.F. (2002) Detection technologies in proteome analysis. Journal of Chromatography B 771, 3 31. A general review of detection technologies in electrophoresis, MS and arrays. Reinders, J., Lewandrowski, U., Moebius, J., Wagner, Y. and Sickmann, A. (2004) Challenges in mass spectrometry-based proteomics. Proteomics 4, 3686 3703. A good general review of recent innovations in MS as applied to proteomics.
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We will say that an execution path p reaches a state s iff jqj{s} = 1. The de nition of execution paths serves to formalize solution concepts in the remainder of the chapter. In the next section we present a de nition of the adversarial planning problem. We also present and analyze an algorithm for nding plans with strong guarantees in adversarial domains. In Section 10.6 we generalize adversarial planning problems to a more general multiagent planning problem where all agents goals are made explicit. We then introduce the general solution concept of multiagent planning equilibria and analyze it in a variety of domains. 10.3. ADVERSARIAL PLANNING An adversarial planning problem is a multiagent planning problem with two agents called the system agent and the environment agent. The system agent is controllable and its goal is to reach a state in a set of goal states. The environment agent is
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11. Choose External Reference from the Reference toolbar. In the Xref Manager dialog box, select ab19-04.dwg and click Detach. (Detaching xrefs is covered later in this chapter.) Click OK. You can now see that ab19-03.dwg includes the North symbol and letter because they were removed from the xref. 12. To see the results of the editing on the xref, open ab19-04.dwg. You can see the changes in the title block text and that the North symbol and letter are gone. 13. Close both drawings, saving changes to ab19-03.dwg.
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Activate AutoCAD to check that the line has been changed.
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Figure 21.1 Profit structure, with areas of specialist input
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After the medium has been sensed as idle for the corresponding interframe space period, the station shall contend for the wireless medium through DCF, if it has data to send. Basically DCF regulates the CSMA/CA and random backoff contention procedure. The station randomly selects a value between 0 and its current conThis value corresponds to the number of time tention window (CWCUrrent). slots the station must wait before it may transmit. For example, if station A has a contention window CWcurrent= 15, and it randomly selects a value between 0 and 15, e.g., 4, then the station must wait for additional 4 time slots before it may transmit. During this period, the station keeps sensing the medium. If the medium is sensed as free during these time slots, then A starts transmission as shown in Figure 8.6. However, if station B selects a shorter backoff value, e.g., 2 time slots, and starts transmission before A, then A should hold its data and update its NAV value after it receives frames from the medium. Once B completes its transmission, A resumes its count down procedure and starts transmission when the remaining 2 time slots elapse, which is shown in Figure 8.7.
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13.2 The Programming Model
8 Viewing Your Drawing
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