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Out-of-area project risks
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1. S. Tarvas and A. Isohatala, An internal dual-band mobile phone antenna, in 2000 IEEE Antennas Propagat. Soc. Int. Symp. Dig., pp. 266 269. 2. C. R. Rowell and R. D. Murch, A compact PIFA suitable for dual-frequency 900/1800MHz operation, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 46, 596 598, April 1998. 3. Z. D. Liu, P. S. Hall, and D. Wake, Dual-frequency planar inverted-F antenna, IEEE Trans. Antennas Propagat. 45, 1452 1458, Oct. 1997. 4. K. M. Luk, C. H. Lai, and K. F. Lee, Wideband L-probe-fed patch antenna with dual-band operation for GSM/PCS base stations, Electron. Lett. 35, 1123 1124, July 8, 1999. 5. C. L. Tang, C. W. Chiou, and K. L. Wong, Broadband dual-frequency V-shape patch antenna, Microwave Opt. Technol. Lett. 25, 121 123, April 20, 2000. 6. T. W. Chiou, H. C. Tung, and K. L. Wong, A dual-polarization wideband circular patch antenna with hybrid feeds, Microwave Opt. Technol. Lett. 26, 37 39, July 5, 2000. 7. S. Hienonen, A. Lehto, and A. V. Raisanen, Simple broadband dual-polarized aperturecoupled microstrip antenna, in 1999 IEEE Antennas Propagat. Soc. Int. Symp. Dig., pp. 1228 1231. 8. B. Lindmark, A novel dual polarized aperture coupled patch element with a single layer feed network and high isolation, in 1997 IEEE Antennas Propagat. Soc. Int. Symp. Dig., pp. 2190 2193. 9. I. Nystrom and D. Karlsson, Reduction of back radiation and cross-coupling in dual polarized aperture coupled patch antennas, in 1997 IEEE Antennas Propagat. Soc. Int. Symp. Dig., pp. 2222 2225. 10. J. R. Sanford and A. Tengs, A two substrate dual polarized aperture coupled patch, in 1996 IEEE Antennas Propagat. Soc. Int. Symp. Dig., pp. 1544 1547. 11. P. Brachat and J. M. Baracco, Printed radiating element with two highly decoupled input ports, Electron. Lett. 31, 245 246, Feb. 16, 1995. 12. J.-F. Zuercher, Ph. Gay-Balmaz, R. C. Hall, and S. Kolb, Dual polarized, single- and double-layer strip-slot-foam inverted patch (SSFIP) antennas, Microwave Opt. Technol. Lett. 7, 406 410, 1994. 13. M. El Yazidi, M. Himdi, and J. P. Daniel, Transmission line analysis of nonlinear slot coupled microstrip antenna, Electron. Lett. 28, 1406 1408, July 16, 1992.
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o a large extent, HTPC hardware choices sometimes suffer from what math wizards like to call overdetermination. In plain English, this means they are subject to enough constraints to make simple, nobrainer solutions hard, and sometimes impossible. This is particularly true for graphics and TV tuner cards, where MCE compatibility requirements limit choices and options, and where HTPC use adds additional requirements to that mix. In slightly different terms, MCE compatibility imposes technical requirements on the width of a graphics card s memory bus, the size of its onboard memory, and also requires support for certain specific capabilities. The details require some explanation and make up a significant chunk of this chapter but it s appropriate to note that even official minimum requirements more or less dictate reasonably modern, fast, capable graphics cards. HTPC use dictates quiet operation and also makes the in-case footprint (vertical and horizontal clearances) a potential issue, especially in smaller horizontal cases like the Ahanix D5 or Silverstone LC02. When it comes to integrating TV with a Media Center PC, Microsoft likewise imposes certain compatibility requirements. Earlier versions allowed only one tuner card, but 2005 doubles that limit. Nevertheless, it s wise to pick a TV card from the company s compatible products list (and we explain where to find it, and provide input as to which items included therein are worth buying). You ll find another topic covered in this chapter as well. It introduces the subject of DVD decoders, explains how they work and why one is required to enable MCE to play back DVD movies and other recorded content, and lists available choices, before recommending certain specific selections.
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has to be partially compensated with some overcompensation of the third-order aberration. Then, a zonal spherical aberration remains uncorrected. This remaining aberration is not a severe problem if the aperture is small or if there is a large central obscuration, as pointed out by Rodgers (1986). A Dall compensator can be modi ed to be coma-free by using the planoconvex lens on axis like in the retro-re ective arrangement of Ross. The relation to be satis ed with this arrangement is a modi cation of Eq. (12.17) in which the factor 1/2 is eliminated since the lens is traversed twice. With this arrangement, for example, the compensator for the 0:6 mf=5 paraboloid has R=f 23:552; f 25:475 cm, l 12:737 cm, and l0 25:475 cm. The diameter of the planoconvex lens is then that of the paraboloid. The residual gure error of the paraboloid that gives a null test with this arrangement is exactly the same as that computed in the preceding example. The retrore ective arrangement has the advantage, however, that since it is comafree, it is not affected by small departures of the light source from the axis of the planoconvex lens. In an interesting variation of the Dall compensator proposed by Puryayev (1973), an afocal meniscus whose concave surface is conicoidal is substituted for Dall s planoconvex lens in the autostigmatic arrangement used by Ross (Fig. 12.29). For an afocal meniscus, r1 r2 d n 1 n 12:18
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CrossReference You can also assign plot styles to objects. See 17 for more information.
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Files, Folders, and Their Effects
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Part VI Customizing AutoCAD
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The envelope fading manifests itself in the form of fluctuations in amplitude of received signals. The main causes are multipath reflections. Consider a scenario where the transmitted signal arrives at the receiver through two paths with negligible delay between them. The random scattering gives rise t o different path attenuations in a1, a2.
2. Select the edge or edges that you want to copy. 3. At the Specify a base point or displacement: prompt, specify a base point, preferably using an object snap or a displacement. 4. At the Specify a second point of displacement: prompt, specify a second point or press Enter if you specified a displacement in Step 2. 5. Press Enter twice to exit the command. AutoCAD copies the edge or edges.
3 Finding and Subscribing to Podcasts
can be explained by a strong increase of thermal nonlinearity near the phase transition point, which is different for different NLCs. Our experiments performed at a high repetition rate of pumping showed good direction stability and high quality of the output beam in the schemes with both cells (Fig. 10.24). There was no need to use a diaphragm. The pulse shape and the pulse train structure were analogous to those in experiments with a planar cell: A single longitudinal mode generation with good beam quality was observed.
Figure 3-46 illustrates the dynamics of the simplest of circumstances the direct access of data from the data warehouse by the operational environment. A request has been made within the operational environment for data that resides in the data warehouse. The request is transferred to the data warehouse environment, and the data is located and transferred to the operational environment. Apparently, from the standpoint of dynamics, the transfer could not be easier. There are a number of serious and uncompromising limitations to the scenario of the direct access of data in the data warehouse from the operational environment. Some of these are as follows:
Analysing the available options for doing business online will help to decide the best approach, and it will also inform the
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