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18.2. PLANNING APPROACHES, PLANNING ENTITIES, AND PLANNED ENTITIES We believe that the entities that plan are essential in every discussion about planning. In the introduction we analyzed that four basic categories of entities can be discerned: natural entities (humans) that plan for themselves, arti cial entities (e.g., robots) that plan for themselves, natural entities that plan for others (humans that plan in/for organizations), and arti cial entities that plan for others (planning software in/for organizations). The four basic categories are connected to various scienti c domains. Natural entities that plan for themselves are studied within the cognitive and behavioral sciences, arti cial entities that plan for themselves are studied in simulation studies and robotics, natural entities that plan for others are studied within a task and process perspective of organizations, and arti cial entities that plan for others are studied in the domain of plan generation and software engineering for planning support. We will discuss the various categories and the related scienti c elds in greater detail, respectively, after we have dealt with entities and actors and with singleactor and multi-actor systems.
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Step 2 Calculate the Erlangs PS in rst iteration The PS load is the average data amount transmitted per cell per hour (kb/s/cell/hour). Erlangs due to PS tra c, denoted by ErlangsPS, is calculated as follows: ErlangsPS TPS TSLC 7:28
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FIGURE 14-19: CPU fitted.
Predicting Secondary Structure
Operating Systems and Networking Software
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Figure 3-22 The different iterations of data warehouse development.
General reading
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