An example of the geometric distribution with q = 0.5 and its characteristic function. in .NET

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Figure 4-6
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related functions in 20. Not only does this good practice help to keep your scripts organized and maintainable, but it lets you take advantage of a nifty feature of PHP: class autoloading. With autoloading, you create an __autoload() function somewhere in your script. This function should accept a class name as an argument. Then, whenever another part of your script attempts to create a new object from a nonexistent class, __autoload() is automatically called, passing in the class name. This gives your __autoload() function a chance to find and include the class file, thereby allowing the PHP engine to carry on and create the object. Here s an example __autoload() function:
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The simulator makes use of publicly available ns-2 [17] modules such as TCP (NewReno) and tra c sources. Figures 6.10 and 6.11 illustrate the end-to-end delay and TCP throughput (i.e., goodput) experienced by end-users with various congestion control schemes. In this scenario, we have:
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Customer goes to legitimate website
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Misspellings can be pretty embarrassing, and the folks on the GoLive team want you to look your best. So, of course, there s a full-featured spell checker built in. It s easy to check any page or to check your entire site in one fell swoop. It even checks any pages you have in the Site Trash when you check the whole site just in case you change your mind about using them. To check a single page, open that page before choosing Edit Check Spelling. To check the entire site, begin with all pages closed. As GoLive finds a questionable word, it opens the page that contains that word. Here s how to do a spelling check: 1. Choose Edit Check Spelling to open the Check Spelling dialog box. Alternately, you can press -Option-U (Mac) or Ctrl+Alt+U (Windows). 2. Choose a language from the Language menu.
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service over the Internet, you should find a section that describes the binding of Web service port type to network protocol. This section also provides the location of the service and message format for the service. The section is shown in the following listing.
The use of LDAP emerged from the X.500 directory service. It has gained in popularity as a means of authenticating users for a wide range of network services. It is the model being used for directory services on the Internet. X.500 is the International Standards Organization (ISO) and International Telecommunications Union (ITU) standard that de nes how global directories are to be structured. LDAP is used by many suppliers of software for their directory services strategy and has widespread acceptability among the network user base. The standard uses a hierarchical directory structure that is parsed on different levels of categorized information. The customary information used for these categories are elements such as country, state, city, and other locale information. LDAP uses an Internet identity schema that de nes common attributes to de ne the objects contained within it. Many levels of an LDAP can be de ned, and authenticating users depends on the granularity required by the network site.
The new LOFT command lets you choose two or more 2D objects and creates a new surface or solid by interpolating through them. If the 2D object is open, like an arc, the command creates surfaces; if it s closed, like a circle, the command creates solids.
Commit-batch-size= integer
ARGUMENT node-set
This action allows you to insert an XML document into the database. There are two ways that data can be inserted: An XML document received over HTTP can be inserted, or the parameters for the XSQL page, including possibly HTML form parameters, can be inserted. In the first case, an XML document is received in the body of a HTTP post request. Either the XML document must be in the canonical ROWSET/ROW format, or a stylesheet must be specified to translate the XML document to the canonical form. In the second case, the parameters included in a request can be inserted. These can include cookies, session parameters, and request parameters. The most common case involves inserting data from HTML forms. If you wish to insert HTML form data, the XSQL page processor will translate the form data to XML, using the xsql:include -request-params action. You then translate this XML format to the canonical format with your own XSLT stylesheet. The use of this action in the insertion of data is further discussed in 7. The syntax of this action is as follows:
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