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Actually these are both essentially the same problem, and they have the same solution. Try changing the channels of adjacent radio transceivers so that they don t overlap. If this is your neighbor s network, you will have to seek some cooperation from them or try to alter your settings to compensate. Do a site survey to see where you can see other networks or multiple access points, as well as their settings, and make appropriate changes. Another way of working around the problem of interference is to strengthen the power of your signal in the problem location. The stronger signal essentially overwhelms or swamps the weaker signal, allowing devices to lock onto it. This may not make you popular with your neighbors, but it is effective. Also try changing the configuration parameters. In addition to changing the channels you can also use a different frequency hopping pattern. The newer standards support 5-GHz signals, and there is less interference using this frequency. You will also find that upcoming 802.11e standards offer avoidance algorithms that help prevent RF signal interference.
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Problem is, a 3-1 2 inch hard drive won t fit directly into a 5-1 4 inch drive bay because it s too large. The answer to this problem is to get drive rails that fit over the hard drive, making it fit into the 5-1 4 inch bay. The drive rail simply screws into the screw holes on the drive and makes the drive wider (see Figure 12-4).
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Life-Cycle Analysis of Recycling of Household Packaging Material in Other Countries of Europe The results of the LCA analysis described in detail have been con rmed by several studies published. An investigation by the Centre for Energy Conservation and Environmental Technology in Delft has shown that a combination of feedstock recycling (Texaco process of gasi cation6 ) and mechanical recycling will compensate ca. 21% of the environmental impact related to Dutch production of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and PET or ca. 1% of the environmental impact related to total Dutch passenger travel by car. The investigated environmental impact categories (greenhouse effect, eutrophication, acidi cation, etc.) were weighed and aggregated into one environmental parameter. Weighing was based on the distance to target method. Target was the national goal for each environmental parameters [13]. This enabled the investigators to make a correlation to costs as discussed later. A further investigation dealt with the importance of the complementary process. CE/Delft has compared the environmental effect using a separated plastic/paper fraction from household waste as fuel in a coal- red power plant, co- ring it with biomass, using it as fuel in a cement kiln, or incinerating it in a municipal waste incineration plant. The largest environmental bene t was obtained substituting coal in a power plant [14]. A study in Norway investigated the in uence of mechanical recycling and of energy recovery by an LCA approach in 1999 [15]. The study used also a comparative, that is, a basket of goods approach. The environmental bene ts of mechanical recycling were clearly shown, but at the same time the importance of the complementary process for the positioning of energy recovery was demonstrated. The study recommended replacing conventional energy resources with high environmental loads by energy recovery of plastic waste incineration. A Swedish report investigated the environmental impact of the Swedish system of collection and recycling of plastic waste in 1999 by an LCA approach and con rmed the ndings that mechanical recycling has the highest environmental bene t and that energy recovery from plastic waste is better than land ll [16].
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Figure 3.17. Sketch of closed orbit in presence of single steering error.
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Part I Welcome to Photoshop 6
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Introducing Oracle XSQL
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Drawing donuts is relatively easy. Choose Draw Donut. Then specify the inner and outer diameters and the center. The DONUT command continues to prompt for centers so that you can place additional donuts. Press Enter to end the command.
Oracle provides the dual table, an imaginary table used largely for allowing you to perform functions. For instance, if you want to use a select statement to get the current date, you could do so as follows:
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