You can customize the color (or colors) of your widgets, as well as the font used to paint widget text.
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In the Light Name text box, type a name for the light, no more than eight characters long.
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The drawing used in the following exercise on drawing leaders, ab14-e.dwg, is in the Drawings folder on the CD-ROM.
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Figure 6-3: Antenna and basic cable connection.
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Axial Ratio (dB)
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3. Set patient in the proper position, stand up or on table top, for X-ray examination, and adjust X-ray collimator for the size of exposed area, or eld size. 4. Select a proper lm-screen cassette. 5. Place the cassette in the holder located behind the patient, or on the table under the patient. 6. Determine X-ray exposure factors for obtaining the optimal quality image with minimum X-ray dose to the patient. 7. Turn on X rays to obtain a latent image of the patient on the screen/ lm cassette. 8. Process exposed lm through a lm processor. 9. Retrieve developed lm from the lm processor. 10. Inspect quality of radiograph (developed lm) through a light box for proper exposure or other possible errors (e.g., patient positioning, or movement). 11. Repeat steps 3 to 10 if image quality on radiograph is unacceptable for diagnosis. Always keep in mind that the patient should not be subjected to unnecessary additional X-ray exposure. 12. Submit radiograph to a radiologist for approval. 13. Remove patient from the table after radiologist has determined that quality of the radiograph is acceptable for diagnosis. 14. Escort patient out of the exam area. Observe that if digital radiography with PACS is used (see Section 3.6), three components in the diagnostic area lm processing (8, 9), storage (4), and lm viewing (10, 11, 12 replaced by workstations) can be eliminated resulted in a saving of space as well as a more effective and ef cient operation. 3.1.3 Analog Image Receptor
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Reproduced from Schmerr, M.J., Jenny, A. and Cutlip, R.C. (1997) Use of capillary sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis to detect the prion protein extracted from scrapie-infected sheep. Journal of Chromatography B, 697, 223 9, with permission of Elsevier. Na+ and H+ assemble along the interior surface of the capillary (Figure 5.43). This layer of ions, in turn, attracts a hydration layer of water. During electrophoresis, the positivelycharged Na+ /H+ ions are electrophoretically attracted towards the cathode and carry the hydration layer of water with them. This phenomenon is called electroosmotic ow. This is a common occurrence during electrophoresis and we have previously encountered this term in a number of applications of electrophoresis described in this chapter. Electroosmotic ow has a particular signi cance in CE, however, since the internal volume of the capillary is so small. The thin hydration layer (together with other water molecules to which this layer is hydrogen bonded) represents a major fraction of the water contained within the capillary. Electroosmotic ow is therefore quantitatively particularly important in CE. Electroosmotic ow is strongly pH-dependent being up to ten times faster at low than at high pH. In addition to electroosmotic ow, sample components also experience electrophoretic ow (i.e. positively-charged ions are attracted to the cathode, negatively-charged ions to the anode). The precise mobility of an individual ion will therefore be the result of a combination of these two ows (Figure 5.44). Positively-charged ions will tend to ow
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High Pass first
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Frame Caveats and Issues
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91. Fill out the correct FTP command in the following table. (Section 5.2)
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