Creating Named Views
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Control access to the Internet using different communication methods and program types. This feature allows you to block access to an instant messaging or file-sharing program while allowing users to surf the Web with a browser such as Internet Explorer. Control the times at which Internet access is allowed or denied. Most parental control programs provide a feature whereby you can specify a schedule so that access to the Internet is only allowed at certain times of the day, on certain days of the week. Log users Internet activity, including the Web sites that they ve attempted to access and the contents of instant messaging conversations. Logging and reporting features are an important part of all parental control packages, keeping parents informed of all Internet activity or attempts to access restricted Web sites. Enable content filtering for all users, or only certain users. Most parental control software packages include the ability to enable content filtering for certain users only, thus allowing other users to access the Internet without restrictions.
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Figure 20-4: The SWF file is in place on the page.
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One popular HTML trick is to insert real or fake open/close HTML tags in the middle of a word. Tags are supposed to enclose parts of your HTML message in order to show how that portion is formatted or structured. There are tags for headings, emphasis, italics, links, and so on. (Whether the tags are supposed to convey formatting information or structure information is an argument I won t touch.) An open tag looks like this:
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Part I: Getting Down to the Business of Securing Windows XP
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XHTML DTDs DESCRIPTION Probably your best bet. It is loose and allows you to create code that is largely compatible with older HTML standards. This DTD enforces all of XHTML rules, especially pertaining to how documents must be structured. Its use could cause backward compatibility problems for older browsers. The frameset DTD is used on pages that describe framesets.
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Choose a grid lineweight from the Grid Lineweight drop-down list. For example, you may want a slightly thicker lineweight for the title cell. Then choose a color from the Grid Color dropdown list. If you leave the ByBlock default, the color will match the layer of the table.
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Spindle toroid
If the standard views aren t sufficient for your needs, DDVPOINT can give you both flexibility and precision. To use this command, choose View 3D Views Viewpoint Presets to open the Viewpoint Presets dialog box, shown in Figure 22-3. This dialog box enables you to set the view to a great degree of accuracy. Figure 22-3: The Viewpoint Presets dialog box.
r The time to rebuild data structures is recorded and used to predict the overhead of rebuilding process for the current iteration as T1 . r This evaluation step introduces some overhead, so DistDLB records this overhead and denotes as T2 . r Finally, DistDLB estimates the redistribution cost as
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You can further alter the performance of the magic eraser through the controls on the Options bar, as described in the following list. Except for the Opacity value, these options work the same way for both the magic eraser and magic wand: Opacity: Lower this value to make the erased pixels translucent instead of transparent. Low values result in more subtle effects than high ones. Use All Layers: When turned on, this check box tells Photoshop to factor in all visible layers when erasing pixels. The tool continues to erase pixels on the active layer only, but it erases them according to colors found across all layers. Anti-aliased: To create a soft fringe around the outline of your transparent area, leave this option turned on. If you d prefer a hard edge as when using a very low Tolerance value, for example turn this check box off. Contiguous: Select this final check box, and the magic eraser deletes contiguous colors only that is, similar colors that touch each other. If you prefer to delete all pixels of a certain color such as the blue pixels in Figure 7-30 that are divided from the rest of the sky by the lion turn the Contiguous check box off.
The Options palette is no more. Sorry to just blurt it out like that, but I thought it best. I know that news like this can pack quite a sting. But don t worry. Photoshop 6 has a better solution: the Options bar. Parked along the top of the screen, just under the menu bar, the Options bar gives you access to every option a selected tool has. And wouldn t you know, it comes equipped with a few of its own shortcuts. When a paint or edit tool (not including the eraser tool) is active, you can cycle through the brush or fill modes by pressing Shift-plus (+) or minus ( ). Shift-plus takes you down the brush-mode pop-up menu and Shift-minus takes you back up. Press the bracket keys, [ and ], to decrease and increase the brush diameter when a paint or edit tool is selected. The diameter changes in 10-pixel increments. If the current brush is one of the preset brushes in the Options bar, press the comma or period (, or .) to step backward or forward through the preset brushes when a paint or edit tool is selected. Press Shift-comma or Shiftperiod to jump to the first or last of the preset brushes. Press Shift-[ and Shift-] to decrease and increase the brush hardness. The diameter changes in 25-percent increments. When a paint or edit tool is selected, press a number key to change the Opacity, Pressure, or Exposure setting assigned to that tool in the Options bar. Lower values result in translucent strokes and fills. Press 1 to change the value to 10 percent, 2 for 20 percent, all the way up to 0 for 100 percent. Or enter the exact value by typing two numbers right in a row. For example, type 1 and 5 for 15 percent. Select the gradient tool and press the bracket keys, [ and ], to switch between the five gradient styles. Press the comma or period (, or .) to step backward or forward through the predefined gradients. Press Shift-comma or Shift-period to switch to the first or last gradient in the list.
If you re of a more technical inclination and find the regular Microsoft Security Home Page a little limiting, check out Microsoft s TechNet Security Home Page at security/default.mspx. TechNet is Microsoft s premier resource for IT professionals, but it s also an excellent resource for more advanced Windows XP users who want to dig a little deeper on the security front.
Figure 8.12 Bifurcation diagram for a feedback oscillator with the gate bias voltage as a control parameter when the ampli er has gain expansion; letters refer to points in Figure 8.11
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