To receive messages using a JMS client, two options are available: asynchronous message consumption and synchronous message consumption. Let s take a brief look at both.
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Again, the details on these technologies are beyond the scope of this book, but resources for further study are listed at the end of this chapter. For now, suffice it to say that, although these technologies drive the development of advanced Web sites and technologies, they also pose a threat to any system s security. A seemingly innocuous Web page that includes the wrong ActiveX control, for example, can lead unwary or unwitting visitors into any of the dire situations discussed throughout this book, be it the introduction of a virus, a Trojan horse, spyware, adware, other malware, and so forth. Keep in mind that a large number of attacks that play out across the Web have a specific target: Internet Explorer (IE). Many industry experts therefore recommend using an alternative browser for common Web browsing, and using IE only when visiting those sites that require it (such as Windows Update, for example). A later section explores the specifics of how to lock down IE, so I won t go into that just yet. For now, take a look at some of the other more popular browser offerings available.
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H values of 74.4 and 102.5 kcal/mol were determined for (a) and (b). H values were plotted against temperature (below) and the slope of this line allowed calculation of C p of 1.3 kcal K 1 mol duplex 1 .
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Adaptive Mesh Re nement MHD Simulations of Tokamak Refueling
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To rearrange your files in the order you want to have them appear in an Acrobat viewer, rename them before distillation, taking into consideration the first character will be the highest order of priority. For this example, I renamed my files, as illustrated in Figure 5-40. After the PDF file is produced, the page order matches my new order as viewed in the folder.
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Table 2.3 Stakeholders in a private sector project Group Senior management Stakeholders Major shareholders The board Executive management team Sponsoring business units, including users Engineering function Maintenance function Other users Administrative and support functions Operators Maintainers Contractors Suppliers and service providers Purchasers and users of products Shippers Construction and building approvals regulators Occupational health and safety regulators Environmental protection agencies Public in the local area Wider community outside the local area
As explained in 6, you can assign a master color for all of the text on your entire page and easily change that color at any time, even after there s plenty of text on your page. But at times you are bound to want certain bits of text to be a color other than the main text color. Doing so is easy. But you have more to consider than just the ease of adding a color. You should consider what it takes to change the color and how much code the added color places in your page. This is discussed later in this section. To change the color of a single character, a word, or any contiguous text, follow these steps: 1. Select the text you want to color. 2. Click the Text Color color swatch in the toolbar to open the Color palette. 3. Click the desired color in the Color palette.
Part II Creating PDF Documents
< php $doc = new DOMDocument(); $proc = new XSLTProcessor(); $doc->load( ./stock_list_to_xhtml.xslt ); $proc->importStyleSheet( $doc ); $doc->load( ./stock_list.xml ); echo $proc->transformToXML( $doc ); >
Photoshop lets you blend layers like no other program in the business. In fact, Photoshop does such a great job that it takes me an entire chapter 13 to explain these options in detail. I offer this section by way of introduction so that you re at least aware of the basics. If you have bigger questions, 13 is waiting to tell all. The Layers palette provides three basic ways to blend pixels between layers (see Figure 12-15). None of these techniques changes as much as a pixel in any layer, so you can always return and reblend the layers at a later date.
18 Working with Blocks and Attributes
Figure 20-1: Firewall configuration dialog.
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