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Although storing and protecting your passwords on one computer with a free program such as Access Manager may do the trick, perhaps you re a little more mobile. If you regularly log on to different computers at different locations, you may want to consider a portable solution to the complex password issue. In this case, portable comes in the form of a password management program offers support for USB keychain or pen drives. These portable memory devices work with some password management programs, acting as an encrypted storage location for your usernames and passwords. With everything you need to access your logon details stored on a pocket-sized device, you can access them from any PC with an accessible USB port. The Professional version of Access Manager 2 offers support for USB storage devices, giving you instant access to your password database from any computer with Microsoft s .NET Framework installed. The free version of Access Manager can be upgraded to Professional for a small fee. Another program that gets the job done is RoboForm Portable, available from removeable.html. This inexpensive program not only securely stores your usernames and passwords on a USB device, but also includes the capability to store your Web site bookmarks and personal details used to automatically fill out Web-based forms. That s secure, mobile, and handy.
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Figure 37-6: The VBA IDE with a blank user form and the Toolbox toolbar.
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Using SocketServers
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Figure 10.14 (a) Explicit Euler method simulation of the Duf ng equation; (b) magnitude of the eigenvalues of I + hA. Both plots were obtained by applying the explicit form of the Euler method to the ODE system of Example 10.10, which is the Duf ng equation expressed as a coupled system of rst-order ODEs. The simulation is not stable for h = 0.055. This is in agreement with the prediction based on the eigenvalues of I + hA [plot (b)], which have a magnitude exceeding unity for this choice of h.
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import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilderFactory; import javax.xml.parsers.DocumentBuilder; import org.apache.xerces.jaxp.DocumentBuilderFactoryImpl;
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DXF (drawing interchange file) format is a text file that contains all of the information in a 2D drawing. Because most CAD programs accept this format, you can export to DXF and send the file to someone else who can then import it into another CAD program. Figure 27-1 shows the part of a DXF file that defines a line. Not only are objects defined, but all layers, linetypes, and other settings are defined, as well. The file lists codes that specify a certain type of data (for example, the X coordinate of a line s endpoint), followed by the values for the codes (for example, 7.55).
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Recording the X-ray Image
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Once you ve installed WinDiff, it shows up by default in a directory named %ProgramFiles%/Support Tools (for most readers, this means C:\Program Files\Support Tools). Using it requires a little preparation and understanding, but it s really not that bad. Here s how: 1. To launch the program, double-click the entry named WinDiff (or WinDiff.exe) in the Support Tools directory. Alternatively, you can click the WinLogo key and R and then type %programfiles%\Support Tools\WinDiff into the Open text field of the Run dialog box (note: the quotes around the string are necessary because the file specification has blanks in it). Either way, you should see a display like the one shown in Figure 12-9.
Figure 2.2 Strati cation of obesity-associated health risk according to waist circumference, in men and women. Note that thresholds may be lower in Asian populations.
Correlation Spectroscopy (COSY)
Patient List
Element management layer
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