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A Constructing Homemade Effects
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Returning to the Authentication tab, you can click the EAP Type drop-down menu and select the alternative EAP type, PEAP. Protected EAP (PEAP) extends the EAP protocol to enable highly secure transactions in a manner similar to a virtual private network, by creating a secure tunnel in which the packets can move. Specifically, EAP provides a flexible alternative to EAP-TLS (Transport Layer Security), improving on EAP-TLS itself by removing the requirements to install and manage certificates on the clients. Essentially, PEAP begins by authenticating the connection, by using digital certificate technology, and then creates the encrypted tunnel along with encryption keys for the data. The data is not only encrypted, but also checked for integrity, as it moves through the connections. Again, on a home or small office network you will have little reason to consider PEAP. But its prominence on the Wireless Network Properties dialog box points to the increased concern by Microsoft and, as should now be apparent, by all wireless networking vendors and technologists, for WLAN transmission security. You will see services in the near future to provide increased security for even small WLANs, through a certificate lease or rental kind of configuration, just as security services for standard LANs are now available from third parties. This is all good news, of course, for anyone with even a small home network, because while you could argue that the data you transfer over your personal WLAN is of less overall importance the data that travels through a corporate WLAN, in fact this assumption is only partly valid. True, your personal data affects fewer people, but you have far fewer means of recovering from data or resource theft, and you don t have anything approaching limited liability in matters surrounding your own life. The point is, of course, that securing your WLAN should become a top priority for you, no matter how insignificant it may seem, and WPA, with its extremely friendly WPA-PSK subset, lets you do precisely that.
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Appendix A Installing and Configuring AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT
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2. Load ab35-04.lsp. 3. Activate AutoCAD and draw any number of objects on-screen at least two different types of objects. 4. Type listsset . AutoCAD prompts you to select objects (because of the SSGET function). 5. Select all of the objects in your drawing. The routine prints the type of each object that you selected. (Press F2 to open the AutoCAD Text Window to see the entire results.) Figure 35-7 shows the results. Of course, your results will be different because you probably drew different types of objects.
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Creating Source and Binary Distributions
Public key cryptography has many uses. One of the most famous is PGP, or Pretty Good Privacy, an email encryption program with a nicely modest security claim: pretty good, not perfect and great. Public key cryptography is used as the basis for most digital encryption. It s also used for digital signatures. Public key cryptography doesn t work if you don t have a good way to ensure that the person who says she has a key really is that person. There s no way you can personally know everyone who might send you an encrypted message. One of the main points of public key cryptography is to enable secure communication without having to arrange everything beforehand. The problem is one of binding the right key to the right person or entity that s supposed to use that key. Therefore, you need some sort of infrastructure to handle who has what key. Enter public key infrastructure (PKI). PKI is a voucher system I know Alice, Alice vouches for Bob, so I think that I can safely use Bob s public key and be sure that the message will get to Bob and can only be read by Bob. Again, however, we have the problem of scale: while I might be no more than six degrees from anyone in the world, including Kevin Bacon, I m not going to annoy all my friends by trying to figure out the chain of relationships for every email. Instead, we use certificates. Certificates combine information on your public key and your identity, and the whole is digitally signed by a trusted third party. This trusted third party is vouching for you, saying that you are who you say you are, and that this is the public key to use when talking to you securely. In a PKI scheme, the trusted third party is usually a certificate authority (CA).
Agreed priorities are used to determine where the greatest effort should be focused in treating identified risks. They facilitate structured action planning and resource allocation.
6. Right-click the box and choose Autodesk DWF Viewer Control Objects Properties. 7. In the Autodesk DWF Viewer Control Properties dialog box, on the SourcePath tab, type the path to the DWF file or click browse to browse to the file. 8. In your PowerPoint presentation, click the Slide Show View button to enter Slide Show view. You can now pan, zoom, turn layers on and off, print, and so on from within your presentation.
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