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errors are proportional to the maximum slope of the departure of the test wavefront from a spherical or plane wavefront. These errors can be minimized when the test wavefront is calculated relative to the spherical wavefront, which minimizes the slope of the test wavefront departure from a spherical wavefront. Errors due to photographic reduction can be eliminated by writing a hologram of the correct size directly onto a glass substrate using an e-beam recorder. One source of error is incorrect hologram size. If the aberrated test wavefront in the plane of the hologram is given by f(r, y), a hologram of incorrect size will be given by f(r=M,y), where M is a magni cation factor. The error due to incorrect hologram size will be given by the difference f(r=M, y) f(r, y) and can be written in terms of a Taylor expansion as    !  r 1 ; y f r; y f r 1 r; y f r; y f M M  ! 12:39 @f r; y 1 1 r . . .: @r M
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Figure 19-6: The Refedit toolbar.
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Take a look at the floating JavaScript address bar in Figure 3-14. If you look closely at the address bar, you can see that the address is covering part of the IE icon and the bezel on top of the address bar. Some sites are more careful than others; some browser windows are shaped differently than others; this doesn t always happen.
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Current view direction: VIEWDIR=-1.0000,-1.0000,1.0000 Specify a view point or [Rotate] <display compass and tripod>: prompt to see the compass and tripod. (The
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A WSDL 1.2 document consists of four basic elements of information, referred to as an Infoset, that describe the web service. An Infoset is simply the XML element and attributes used in the WSDL document. In addition, the WSDL supports a component model that mirrors the Infoset and provides another layer of abstraction. The following list defines the elements of the XML Infoset for WSDL 2. Description: This element is the first and serves as the container for the other WSDL elements. Interface: This element defines what abstract behavior the service will have. The interface has a name and can extend another interface. The interface may contain operations as well as faults. Binding: This element defines how the service will be accessed. The binding has a name and is a concrete element that specifies the contents of the message and the transport protocol for each interface. All operations and faults that exist for the interface are defined in this element. Service: This element defines where the service may be accessed. This element includes the name of the service and the one or more endpoints. Endpoint: This is a destination for an outgoing message.
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complete range of body movement: bicycling or upper-body work and its intensity are not captured. A practical point is that most monitors cannot be worn in water and cannot be used to evaluate swimming. Activity monitors have been extensively validated in both children and adults (Dale et al., 2002). The cut-off values of movement counts that relate to intensity levels of exercise are somewhat arbitrary, and accurate energy expenditure prediction equations for free-living individuals have not yet been developed for certain populations. Heart rate monitoring can be used to measure physical activity, and above a threshold known as the ex heart rate , there is a linear relationship between heart rate and energy expenditure by large muscle groups; moderate and vigorous activity can be de ned from heart rate once this threshold is exceeded. This is important because heart rate can change considerably under these conditions, but energy expenditure much less so.
the other hand, the newer 3GPP speci cations take a ve-digit speci cation number and a version number, so that the 3GPP TS corresponding to GSM TS 03.60 is TS 23.060 and the version number for R99 is 3.x.x, for R4 4.x.x., for R5 5.x.x and for R6 6.x.x. The R7 version number will to be 7.x.x and take a ve-digit speci cation number. All speci cations are not applicable for all releases, as new speci cations may be created and old speci cations discontinued for a particular release. Generally, in the standardisation process a technical report (TR) may precede a technical speci cation (TS). A TR is created as a feasibility study to assess possible solutions. However, technical speci cations form the core of a release and de ne the standardised solutions on which implementations are to be based. Technical speci cations specify the technical aspects in particular, the messages sent between the system nodes and the functionality needed in these nodes. The TS process contains three stages: 1, 2 and 3. Stage 1 de nes high-level user requirements in other words, the service aspects from the user s perspective. Stage 2 concentrates on the architecture, key functionality and overall message exchange. By using the standardisation language this is called the functional entity behaviour and information exchange description . Stage 3 contains the protocol (i.e., the detailed message and procedure descriptions). International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T) Recommendation I.130 [3] describes the three-stage method, and ITU-T Recommendation Q.65 [4] de nes Stage 2 of the method. All three stages are not always needed, and in many cases only Stage 2 and Stage 3 or even only Stage 3 may be su cient. It is also possible that only amendments to one or more existing TSs are made and, thus, added by using the CR process. On the other hand, if a major new functionality is de ned, new TSs are often required. 3GPP speci cations use a special language. When something is mandatory the word shall is used and when something is recommended should is utilised. The fact that an action is optional is indicated by using may, and can is only used to describe a possible situation or action. Similarly, negative forms can be used for these verbs. In some cases the speci cations do not follow these language rules very strictly, and the most common situation is that the normal present term is used to indicate mandatory (shall ) behaviour. This may be due to the inexperience of the contributor or to the fact that more detailed speci cations need to be created de ning all the detailed aspects. More information on 3GPP can be found under
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