In this chapter you explored various concepts and PHP features that you can use to write applications that interact with the outside world: Date and time functions and classes: You explored the concepts of timestamps and UTC, and learned how to use time() to retrieve the current timestamp. You also saw how to create your own timestamps with the mktime(), gmmktime(), and strtotime() functions, as well as how to use getdate() to extract information from a timestamp. You learned how to format dates using idate() and date(), how to check that dates are well-formed using checkdate(), and how to work more precisely with timestamps by using microtime(). Finally, you put theory into practice with a script to calculate your age in days, and took a brief look at PHP s relatively new DateTime and DateTimeZone classes for handling dates and times HTTP requests and responses: You learned how Web browsers and servers communicate using HTTP. You studied the anatomy of an HTTP request and response, and looked at some common headers that are sent between browser and server. Finally, you looked at how to modify HTTP responses within PHP scripts, and how you can use this ability to redirect the browser, return specific status codes, and send non-HTML content back to the browser
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The CalculateSpring component code has a setter for the ops property, enabling the Spring IoC container to inject the dependency into the component during runtime. The following code shows the setter method in the highlighted portion:
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Getting Started with XSLT
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DICOM Services (11) DICOM Communication Network
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14.4 WEB SERVER Section 14.3 described the concept of the distributed image le server, which provides easy access to PACS image/data for different applications. In this section we present an image le server design based on the World Wide Web technology that allows easy access to PACS image/data for both inter- and intrahospital applications. 14.4.1 Web Technology In 8 we presented network and communication technology. This section rst reviews the Web technology development over the past years and then presents a Web-based image le server for PACS application. To recap, the Internet was developed by the U.S. government originally for military applications. Through the years its utilization was extended to many other applications. The Internet can be loosely de ned as a set of computers connected by various wiring methods that through TCP/IP transmit information to each other (Section 8.1.2) using a public communication network. The Intranet, on the other hand, is a private Internet that transmits information within an administrative entity
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Figure 22.8 Incentive model structure
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Nanofabrication (nanomanufacturing) Nano uidics
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TEAM LinG - Live, Informative, Non-cost and Genuine !
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14 Feedback, Promotion, and Paying the Bills
PC Magazine Fighting Spyware, Viruses, and Malware
Second Normal Form (2NF)
The users then map the SINR in (7.4) and (7.5) to the achievable rate with and without the dominant interference. This pair of rates defines the CSI. The actual mapping between the SINR values and the achievable rates is a function of fading profiles and the available ACM techniques; please refer to 5 for examples of the rate-SINR functions. By defining such a CSI structure, the user s feedback information to BS is reduced to a pair of rates rather than transmitting the signal strength and interference received from A BSs. 4
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