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Normally, when you create a new object based on a class, all that happens is that the object is brought into existence. (Usually you then assign the object to a variable or pass it to a function.) By creating a constructor method in your class, however, you can cause other actions to be triggered when the object is created. To create a constructor, simply add a method with the special name __construct() to your class. (That s two underscores, followed by the word construct, followed by parentheses.) PHP looks for this special method name when the object is created; if it finds it, it calls the method. Here s a simple example:
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Figure 8-6: NAV provides three reports for your review.
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Fitting the motherboard Fitting the CPU Fitting the CPU cooler assembly Wiring the motherboard Fitting RAM modules Fitting the video adaptor
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You can exchange paths between Photoshop and Illustrator or FreeHand by using the Clipboard. This special cross-application compatibility feature expands and simplifies a variety of path-editing functions. For example, suppose that you want to scale and rotate a path. Select the path in Photoshop with the black arrow tool and copy it to the Clipboard (Ctrl+C). Then switch to Illustrator, paste the path, and edit as desired. About 95 percent of Illustrator s capabilities are devoted to the task of editing paths, so you have many more options at your disposal in Illustrator than in Photoshop. When you finish modifying the path, copy it again, switch to Photoshop, and paste. When you paste an Illustrator path into Photoshop, you have the option of rendering the path to pixels (just as you can render an Illustrator EPS document using File Open), keeping the path information intact, or creating a new shape layer. Select the Paths radio button to add the copied paths to the selected item in the Paths palette. (If no item is selected, Photoshop creates a new Work Path item.) You can then use the path to create a selection outline or whatever you want.
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PC Magazine Wireless Solutions
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Enabling AOP Support for Spring Projects Working with Spring IDE s AOP Support Integration with the AspectJ Development Tools
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Figure 7-5: Extract Images eliminates images from being extracted according to the value selected in the preferences. The default value of 1-inch means that all images less than one inch will not be extracted when the Extract Images command is selected.
Appendix A: Exercise Solutions
Figure 3.1 An example of hydraulic tomography using the SSLE approach, based on
After you receive the error, choose Last Break on the Debug toolbar. Visual LISP places you in the line of the code where the error occurred. How can you find the source of the problem in a routine To answer this question, you often need to perform some detective work. Visual LISP provides a wealth of debugging tools, which you can leverage when you encounter an unplanned enhancement or bug.
Co-location data centers Hundreds or thousands of customers pass or visit a co-location data center each day. It is therefore vital to control and monitor the visits and list of people who have access to the data center. Despite all precautions and security, visitors can damage other customers equipment. Managed hosting data centers In a secure managed-hosting data center, only a few employees have access to the data center. Customers do not have badges or passes to go inside. If they must go inside, they must be escorted and given temporary badges. Also, large groups of visitors are not allowed to go in. Most of these data centers use a biometric system to control access. The advantage of these systems is that the activity is logged, it is not possible to use someone else s card to go in, and any employees who are no longer entitled to go inside the data center can be instantly removed. Despite the best physical security, servers can be attacked over the network and that can be far more expedient than gaining physical access. Therefore, it is critical to have an up-to-date OS image and patch set. OS and security patches and bug fixes are released daily. Managed hosting providers should have experts who evaluate these patches. It is often not practical to update the OS proactively on production servers because enterprises want to test the OS on development and stage servers first, and because updates may cause unforeseen application problems.
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