Turn syntax highlighting off. By default, Syntax Highlighting is turned on. When on, the HTML on a page is displayed in color. Coloring, that is items highlighted, depends on which of the next buttons on the toolbar are selected. If you prefer not to see highlighting at all, click here to turn this button off. All code then appears as black. Although this button is a toggle and clicking it when it is deactivated turns it back on, the highlighting that was on prior to deactivating it does not reappear. You ll need to choose a highlighting from the next buttons. Detailed syntax highlighting. As noted by its name, this highlighting provides the most detailed highlighting. With this button selected, tags are blue, values you choose are brown, and body text is black. This makes it easy to read your page as you code. Highlight media and links. This option turns all code black, except for the media on your page (that is, images and sounds), which turns turquoise, and your external and e-mail links, which turn a red. Highlight URLs. This option turns all code black, except the actual addresses on your page, such as e-mail, external links, and image file names, which turn a red. Highlight server side code. This option turns all code black, except the server side code in your page. Word wrap. Off by default, unless otherwise set in Preferences, this wraps the code on your page so that you can see it all instead of seeing long, long lines that scroll on and on and on. It s a toggle, so if it is on (even by default), you can click to turn it off, and vice versa. Line numbering. When on, this button numbers your lines of code so that you can easily refer to them. If the button is off, click it in order to turn it on. If the button is on, click it in order to turn it off. Line Numbering is off by default, but you can turn it on by default within your GoLive Preferences under Source.
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effective information management framework (the information life cycle)
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specify which antenna elements are used to form the array, nor how the spatial arrangement ought to be. This allows us to build antenna arrays consisting of different elements, feeding arrangements and spatial placement, hence resulting in radiating structures of different properties. Example antenna arrays consisting of several patch antennas are depicted in figure 1.11, and briefly dealt with below.
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Figure 11-3: The top of the Wired Law page contains a list of questions. Each question in the list links to the full question and its answer which is lower down |on the same page. Clicking any question jumps users to the exact location on the answer.
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Part III Starting and Testing Your PC
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Project: Element: Likelihood indicators A A A A A A Rating (High Low) B B B B B B C C C C C C D D D D D D E E E E E E F F F F F F
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Adjusting the plan, replanning
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axial and lateral resolution; frequency content; and signal processing.
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To maximize performance, no data must be allowed between switches. The goal is to have a single hop between two end nodes that must communicate. However, it is a good idea to connect the switches to create a fabric and share management information but no data traffic. The N-switch star topology has high performance and is simple to manage if you have a few switches.
To design and build a system with the most reliable and best image quality, but yet to avoid a costly system, the HA ePR with images system design emphasized the following criteria: 1. Existing resources be leveraged, including PACS, networks, storage, WS and ePR in HA, 2. The system be deployed to nearly 10,000 existing WSs throughout the HA to access the CMS and ePR with images,
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