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Numerical answers and hints to problems
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Comparability protocols can have single or multiple changes provided that each change is discrete and speci cation of the acceptance criteria for a change is well de ned. In Vitro In Vivo Requirements
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FIGURE 17-5: Setup options.
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Management will not make a full commitment until at least a few actual results are tangible and obvious. Visible results must be seen quickly.
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presumption that the optimum can be de ned). The advantage of the second kind of algorithm is that the semantic distance between the planner and the algorithm is reduced. The planner can understand more of the reasoning process (and, hence, more the outcome), and he can interrupt the algorithm and continue himself from there. At this point, the complexity of our argument increases. An algorithm of the second kind consists of (a) subalgorithms for each of the subtasks and (b) a management strategy to execute the subalgorithms. Each subalgorithm, however, is used to simulate or imitate a subtask. And as we saw, subtasks that are performed by a human planner consist of subtasks themselves. Therefore, each of the subalgorithms can be of the rst kind or second kind itself, and we have the conceptual means to decide about traditional (mathematical or AI) algorithmic support at each hierarchical level of task execution. This relieves us from the alleged obligation to search for global optima or to decide about algorithms on the basis of an overall quantitative analysis. We can decide per subtask whether a planner needs to be able to interfere with the search process or not, as well as what kind of algorithm is needed, and create mixed-initiative planning support in which both the computer and the human planner have a role in making decisions. Although the prerequisites of Hofstede which were mentioned in Section 7.2 provide some guidance, it is not yet clear how this can be translated in generic analysis and design rules for scheduling support. Benbasat and Todd (1996) state that a decision maker implicitly makes a trade-off between the cost of applying a decision aid (efforts to understand and employ the model and process the information) and the expected bene ts (increased quality and speed of obtaining a solution). They provide a three-step procedure to improve the use of decision aids (op cit., p. 244): 1. Decompose the planning problem into subproblems and obtain estimates for the efforts (costs) to manually nd solutions to these sub problems. 2. Identify the subproblems with a high potential of effort (cost) reduction for the decision maker and identify a decision aid that reduces the total effort to nd and use a solution for such a subproblem. 3. Incorporate speci c features for automating storage, retrieval, and computational tasks in the decision aids to manipulate the cognitive effort associated with using these decision aids. Since a decision support system will change the current problem space of the human planner, it is not straightforward which decisions should be taken by the user, which decisions should be taken by the computer, and for which decisions the user and the computer should cooperate. Benbasat and Todd (1996) have shown that the decision strategy that is chosen by a human problem solver is contingent upon environmental demands and decision aids. They pose that human problem solvers weigh the effort that a strategy will cost against the accuracy of the expected solution. By introducing decision aids, the effort can be reduced or the accuracy (or quality) of the solution can be increased. Normative decision models can be applied if they will reduce the effort of existing strategies that the human problem solver can apply. This implies that decision support does not have to focus solely on an individual user. If a
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Miscellaneous Display or hide all palettes and toolbox Display or hide palettes except toolbox and Options bar Hide toolbox Move a panel out of a palette Snap palette to edge of screen Fully collapse palette Display or hide Actions palette Play script Permanently delete item from palette that includes trash can Preview how image sits on printed page View size and resolution of image View image tile information Change the preference settings Display last used Preferences dialog box panel Bring up dialog box with last-used settings Duplicate image and bypass dialog box Cancel the current operation Activate Don t Save or Don t Flatten button Tab Shift-Tab Tab, then Shift-Tab drag panel tab Shift-click palette title bar Option-click collapse box or double-click panel tab F9 -double-click item in Actions palette Option-click trash can click Doc box in the status bar Option-click Doc box in the status bar -click Doc box in the status bar -K -Option-K Option-choose command from Image Adjust submenu Option-choose Image Duplicate -period or Escape D
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Collect classified counters from NEs and compute throughput using that particular subset of QoS attributes for consistent performance monitoring Management layer
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Table 6-3 T568B Wiring Pin-out PIN 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 PAIR 2 2 3 1 1 3 4 4 WIRE Tip Ring Tip Ring Tip Ring Tip Ring COLOR White/orange Orange White/green Blue White/blue Green White/brown Brown Receive ETHERNET SIGNAL Transmit + Transmit Receive +
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18: Building a P4 HTPC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 297 19: Building a Pentium M HTPC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 313 20: Building an Athlon 64 HTPC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 331
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show (easily) that the inverse is
Project risk management guidelines
albums = albs; dwr.util.removeAllOptions( albumselect ); dwr.util.addOptions( albumselect ,albs, name ); setinfo(); } ...
Directories of Plastics Recyclers and Recycled Plastic Product Manufacturers
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